Since time immemorial, Gold has been a household name, where virtually everyone has heard of that name called Gold. The only unusual thing is that not everyone has been able to see it. Some of those who have seen it wished they had one, but had no means, due to one restriction or the other. This is why a Gold company Based in Singapore has deemed it fit to give everyone equal right and access to gold at any time in for of Digital Gold. This is nothing less than the real Gold itself because Digital Gold is backed by the physical Gold.

What I am inferring invariably is that Digital Gold (GOLD token), an ERC20 based token, on Ethereum platform, is a highly valuable token, because it is insured by the physical Gold, which serves as a value reserve to give it a stable value. According to the team, this will be purchased every time a token is issued and stored in a vault in Singapore. Therefore, GOLD token serves as a totally secure solution, with total availability, which attends to various purposes from investment diversification and portfolio, to secure a smooth transaction without any difficulty.

The GOLD token is a transparent financial instrument, in which the physical Gold acquired by them is easily compared in real-time with the number of tokens issued. This invariably means that every holder of the GOLD token will have their assets insured, will be protected against volatility. Investing in tokenized Gold will bring about portfolio diversification through the GOLD token, which is a way of guaranteeing the success of one's investment.

The gold token is a wonderful alternative for the traditional Stablecoins based on fiat because it has the ability to attract not only the crypto enthusiast who want to protect their portfolio but also to the world in entirety since it is secured by the real Gold. The gold token has the ability to help not only individuals but also governments, to help protect against inflation, hedge against market volatility and a way to diversify the portfolio of such individual, body, organization or government. Therefore, since the Digital Gold is more like the real Gold, it will have very low to negligible volatility. Just recently, when there was an increase in real Gold price in the Gold Market by 1%, it had a significant increase in the Digital Gold. This shows that there is a direct correlation between the two. Therefore, the GOLD token is an excellent resource for portfolio diversification.

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