How do bots work on Instagram?

Given that there are uses of bots on Instagram made incorrectly that instead of bringing benefits will only bring disadvantages, there are also strategies used by accounts, some very famous, which can bring REAL benefits and REAL growth of accounts on Instagram.

If you have an Instagram account and you want to make it grow, this post is for you. The entire system of bots on Instagram is based on the principle of reciprocity, that is to say, the system through which people will be able to glimpse, and could start to follow your profile thanks to the fact that you will have interacted with them first.

How does it work? After three months of use of the bot I have interesting statistics at hand that I want to show you: to gain followers you need to follow people, about 10% of those people who you follow will follow you back, for the likes about 15% and for comments depends on how much and how published.

If, for example, your goal is to increase 100 followers a day with your food blogging account, we will set the blog to follow about 1000 people a day following trends and hashtags about food. So your following will be all targeted people.

Why is it important to have targeted people?

For example, if your account deals with football or tennis, you will no need to have followers with interests for cooking and science because these people will interact little or nothing with your posts.

We can target the followers as you see fit. For interests (ie. Hashtags or the accounts they follow), for geographical locations, and for much more. Discover all our features with a free chat with me on Discord or Telegram.

We have a series of fantastic features to play with the bot. For example, the ability to send a welcome message in direct to all the people who start to follow, the ability to repost content following certain accounts or hashtags, the ability to put like to certain accounts, hashtags, the possibility of unfollow for all users followed through the bot, to comment automatically and much more.

If you look at the account I created on Instagram (@scorumcurator) to advertise Scorum about three months ago, you will notice that it has reached almost 7,500 followers with sports interests, has over 2,000 weekly visits and almost 100 visits for each story we post (and every day we post almost twenty).


A service like this I usually charge 20 to 50 $ a month. (SEE NUMBERS OF ACCOUNT USING THE BOT PROPERLY !!). I want to create BaaS, a Business as a Service here on Scorum, in order to create and add value at the SCR Token.

For the first 100 customers who will try this service, the price will be only 100 SCR per month. You got it right! Only 100 SCRs per month! If you are interested contact me on Discord or Telegram (contact at the end of the post). Remember that I use a satisfied or reimbursed strategy.

Money-back guarantee

If you do not get the expected results in the first month, you will contact me and I will give you back 100% of your investment. Obviously, the expected results will be agreed before and must be realistic according to the possibilities of your account and the bot. If you ask me 30,000 followers a month I already tell you that it is impossible (if you do not want fake accounts that follow), if you ask 3,000 followers interested in what you can post, we can talk about it.


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