Few cryptocurrencies in the world of sports are making as much noise and gaining as many active users as Scorum. Scorum is innovating within the sports media, fantasy sports, and sports betting categories. Read below to learn how to acquire these scarce coins that are growing in popularity and value.

Scorum is a growing sports community on a blockchain (graphene network). Users are rewarded for providing value to the community with Scorum coins. If you're already a part of the Scorum Community, then you're likely aware of many of the ways that you can get Scorum coins (SCR).

SCR is a diverse coin that serves several purposes. There is a hard cap of 30 million coins, meaning there will never be additional coins created. They are scarce, meaning users who are able to stock up on them now will likely benefit in the future. Users are also rewarded based on the amount of coins they have, which increases the desire to earn and keep them instead of cashing them in immediately.

This article is a short guide detailing the 8 different ways that people can get SCR coins.

Buy It

SCR coins are available for purchase on several exchanges, including:

You can transfer SCR coins to and from the above exchanges as well as buy coins using other cryptocurrencies. As the coin continues to grow in popularity, it will be available on additional platforms.


Blog posts as they appear in a user's profile

As a member of Scorum (click Get Started in the top right corner to sign up), you can earn SCR for writing. The two primary ways you can earn SCR from writing include:

  • Posts

Write blog posts about sports on Scorum to receive votes from the community. These votes will be worth coins. You can receive Scorum Power, and soon you will also earn liquid SCR coins from these upvotes.

  • Comments 

Comments on the posts of others can also earn rewards. Make valuable comments on a post and you may receive upvotes, earning you coins similar to as if you had written a new blog post.


From page 32 of the Scorum whitepaper

Curation on Scorum refers to the act of voting on posts and earning rewards for those votes based on several factors. The basic concept is that if you vote early and a post earns a lot of rewards, you will earn a percentage of those rewards with some exceptions. All members of Scorum can earn coins simply by voting. Voting a post at 30 minutes or later can help you increase your curation rewards if that post goes on to earn a significant amount of SP after your initial vote. For specifics, please refer to the Scorum whitepaper here (in English).


A contest from user @tadas

Enter a contest and win SCR! Contests are a common and sometimes controversial part of blockchain blogging platforms like Scorum and Steemit. I believe they can be beneficial if the contest is created to help build the community, not solely created to earn the author as much rewards as possible. That being said, the creator of a contest does deserve to earn rewards if they are adding value to users (decided on by those users through their votes).

Contests are a great way to earn SCR without having to invest anything other than your time and a little bit of skill depending on the contest.

To enter contests on Scorum, create an account, follow the rules, and good luck! Users @tadas, @davor27, @news, and many others regularly host competitions.


The Scorum Poker Lobby Showing Current Freerolls

Thanks to @tuck-fheman and others, there is a community-hosted and funded freeroll poker community. Free tournaments that give out real SCR are hosted daily. Visit ScorumPoker.com to sign up, but make sure you have an active Scorum account first.

A Special Halloween-Themed Table on Scorum Poker


Due to the platform still being new, the Scorum team offers bounties in exchange for helping translate articles, host meetups, and more. Join the official Scorum Bounty Telegram channel here to learn more.


Scorum has a commission-free betting platform that allows users to bet against each other with no fees. You can work your way up with bets on different sports events and earn thousands of SCR coins. Good luck, and make sure not to bet more than you can afford.

Fantasy Sports (Comming Soon)

Tested during the World Cup, Scorum is working on releasing the full version of their fantasy sports platform, which is also commission-free. Use your sports knowledge to earn SCR coins in a wide variety of fantasy games. There is no specific timetable for this release.

Scorum community -- did I miss any ways to get SCR? Please comment below and I'll update the article. For those new to Scorum, do you have any questions for us? Please ask below.

Note: This article is being tagged innovations due to covering how to earn and receive these coins. Since the article is not about the Scorum community but about the coin, I am listing in "innovations" similar to how a Scorum Bet article would qualify for either the Scorum or Betting tag.