Google has unveiled its game streaming service 'Stadia' at GDC2019 (developer conference) in San Francisco this month

"Stadia" is a streaming-based gaming service that leverages Google's data center network. At the time of release, Google said, "Beyond the limitations of traditional PCs and console devices, it is a way of helping gamers experience great games anytime, anywhere, "they said.

Other words, this streaming-based game service can be defined as cloud gaming service. It can be defined as "service that can enjoy high-quality content through cloud even in low-end device." Technology has become popular, and gamers will no longer have to buy high-end devices for games. For example, if you want to play Battleground, you have to have at least a Nvidia GeForce 1060 or higher graphics card, but if you switch to a cloud game, you only have enough PC performance to stream video.

VR games, which cost more fee to build high-performance PCs, can also be enjoyed on Core 2 Duo PCs in theory.

The irony is that this cloud gaming approach is likely to expand significantly in line with the domestic mobile gaming environment.

Currently, domestic mobile games have evolved so that high-performance smartphones, such as high-quality, multiple-access, large-scale, and large-capacity, are essential countermeasures. It is moving to economies of scale and is moving to competition system of super high quality game which the game can not overlook.

These high-performance smartphone-based development methods are adopted by developers in order to lead the market, but unfortunately they are also at risk of discarding gamers with low-end smartphones.

Traha/ Nexon offers over 3 million advance reservations

Nexon offers a high-quality but if the cloud technology is introduced in such a high-quality game, the situation will change. For example, Nexon's "Traha," scheduled for release on April 18th, was developed with the ambition to develop the best-quality MMORPG (multi-access role-playing online game) without compromising the mobile environment. It is famous for having graphic quality that threatens PC MMORPG.

NCsoft's Lineage Revolution

Lineage 2/ NCsoft, which is scheduled to be launched this year, is expected to be a game with a quality comparable to that of PC MMORPG, but it is also demanding high-end phones. 'A3' is expected to require high-end smartphones for smooth play through large-scale battlefield systems. Blade 2 MMORPG, which is being prepared in the nineteenth and nineteenth minute, is also expected to be high-end.

However, if such high-quality games are combined with cloud services, they will be able to play games on smartphones with performance as high as 'Galaxy Note 4', so the industry is more concerned about cloud services.

Experts also point out that if cloud gaming services become popular, there will be no need for large client downloads, less hacking burden, no need for high-performance phones, but services will be deployed positively. It is collecting.


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