KARMA, a decentralized application that you can download on your smartphone's playstore. This blockchain based application is a network to spread goodness through videos, images and photos that make other people do good things like you.

This application is supported by EOS devices with the aim of means of documentation goodness so that you can share them with others. Whether it's for fellow humans, animals and even plants that live around you.

How to do it?

to enter you need to download EOS as in the green column screenshot above

This method is very simple. You only need to download in the Playstore of your mobile application. Then enter using the EOS device that you can also download in the playstore. After you succeed, you only need to create an account and enter with EOS's private key.

Karma will provide support in the form of karma coin prizes every 24 hours from the results of posts in the form of videos, images and photos that you post in the application. You can give a gift. What makes this application interesting is that if you vote on each post, you will get 60% of the prize from your work.

What's more interesting than the application shown some time ago is that you will get a prize when the first login is an EOS token, with a nominal EOS of 0.0100. And every post you share will be able to claim your prize within 24 hours. Find my account in the application with the name @nasrud.