The cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) is a blockchain which is focused on the creating a decentralized internet to allow for the creation of decentralized applications and a content entertainment ecosystem. The total supply of Tron is at 99 billion and entered the crypto market on September 13, 2017.

The Tron protocol operates through a decentralized self governance approach to allow users and investors of the Tron blockchain to be involved and have a say in which direction the blockchain wishes to head. Content creators are empowered through the Tron blockchain as they will receive full rewards for the content that they wish to create or a system would be created where the creator would receive 90% of the rewards and 10% goes to treasury for example.

The CEO of the Tron Foundation is Justin Sun who is an incredible young entrepreneur who has placed his faith and resources into the Tron protocol hoping it becomes a contender in the future. The Tron project is planned until the year 2027 with a course of six stages. The first stage is named the 'Exodus' stage which provides major focus on data liberation and allowing individuals to upload, store, and distribute content on a free platform provided by Tron. This stage is expected to last until December this year.

The next stage of the Tron protocol is the 'Odyssey' stage which focused upon the elements of content empowerment. This reflects middleman and third party sources being cut out and being rewarded which reduces majority of the earnings that the creator should be receiving. An example of this is the new incentive Tron made by acquiring the platform BitTorrent which allows individuals to download and seed torrents. Through seeding torrents and allowing future users to download the content and a greater speed, individuals who seed (seeders) will be rewarded with TRX. This reflects an individual being rewarded with incentives for creating or helping content creation in the new decentralized web. This stage is intended to last for 18 months.

The future stages of the Tron protocol include Great Voyage, Apollo, Star Trek, and Eternity which will focus upon strengthening and improving the overall blockchain with the upgrades and Dapps and other decentralized uses. These stages will also focus on a decentralized forecasting and gaming platform which will really elevate the entertainment ecosystem that the Tron platform is aiming for and will progress until 2027.

Tron reached an all-time high on January the 5th, 2018 reaching a price of $0.25 USD with a market capitalization of $16 billion and a trading volume of $4.7 billion USD.

Tron is currently $0.02 USD with a total market capitalization of $1.4 billion USD and a trading volume of $64 million. The Tron token could possibly find itself on the Scorum platform one day to be used to promote and further empower great posts and articles. It's an interesting cryptocurrency in the new space and i am positive that it will be here in the future.

Are you an investor in Tron? Do you think the vision and goals of the protocol can benefit individuals like us? Leave your thoughts below and give me your idea about Tron!