Decentralized Anonymous Payment System (DAPS), when and why it will explode in value?

Most of us who have lived our entire lives in a "free" society and have been privileged to have our personal security, including our financial security, safely handled by third party individuals and intermediaries do not really think about our security all that much. I have personally benefited from remarkably stable police and judicial system with very minimal levels of corruption for most of my life. I have almost always felt safe in my home and I have been able to go on extended trips and vacations and return to find all of my possessions just the way that I left them. I have never had any money stolen out of my bank account, unless, of course, you count the outrageous fees and shady practices of the banks themselves. The one time that my credit card information was stolen at a gas pump while traveling, I found out that I was not liable for any of the purchases made on my account. Even though it was not really the credit companies fault, some person was living large at Visa's expense while traveling across Europe. This feeling of relative safety has ill-prepared me for this new digital age, at nearly sixty-four years old I find myself having to learn a lot of new tricks to try and keep myself and my investments safe.

I am not a wealthy person and I have very little extra income that I can invest in cryptocurrency, but I have been investing those small amounts for about five years now and my total investment is finally starting to show signs of life. Even though most people would look at my portfolio and laugh, to me it represents a lot of sacrifices and hard work because more than half of what I own today are coins that I have earned along the way. It may not seem like a big deal to the typical investor, but it is huge for me! It is for this reason that I started looking at privacy coins and trying to decide which one of the various options would be both the most secure, the most decentralized, and have the greatest chance for price appreciation over the next few years. It became obvious to me after hearing many horror stories that at some point it was going to become very important for me to be able to transfer cryptocurrency and transact business privately. Why? Because if people know that you have it, and if they know where you are located and what you are spending it on, then you have just made yourself and your family a target! I can just hear them now, "Hey, Pete just bought a new Smart TV with his Bitcoin in Alabama yesterday and today he is shopping way out in California, lets go pay his house a visit while he is gone!

Even now I am continually receiving scam emails and phishing attempts from people who have gained my contact information over the last few years and know that I keep up with the latest in blockchain technology and that I own some cryptocurrencies. I also receive unsolicited private messages, some from accounts pretending to be someone else. Almost everything that we do in this digital world can be tracked and the information that is gleaned from your activities can and eventually will be used against you.

Privacy coins are not the "Thing" right now, at the moment the big thing is decentralized finance and blockchain-based social media seems to be waiting just in the background ready to have it's coming big day to shine. But what will happen when people start getting tracked by their retail purchases using cryptocurrencies? What happens when big crypto whales start falling prey to home invasions, kidnappings, and other security problems because some smart hacker thieves were able to see how many Bitcoin they had in their wallets and what type of wallet it was stored in? What about wealthy people who are moving around their cryptos and trying to invest their money without anyone finding out before they had attained their position? Do you think a famous investor wants you to follow his money around trying to get ahead of his next big investment? What about a corporate payroll, are they going to allow everyone in the company to know how much each employee is being paid and how big their bonuses are? How would you feel if you were working your tail off for a company only to find out that the slacker in the next cubical over was earning more money and receiving bigger bonuses than you? So could a corporation ever pay using Bitcoin in its current form when it would be easy for the employees to see the wallet addresses where the money came from and where it went? I think that they will all be using privacy coins, and when they do make the shift to cryptocurrency I think that they will be looking for the best available. Of course, there is the distinct possibility that they may be forced to use a government-approved payment method. But even so, there will still be a big demand for private privacy coins.

The chart above shows a list on the left of all the different security protocols currently in use for the various privacy coin projects, it should be readily apparent why I settled on DAPS as the most secure and private coin available. In fact, when you examine the coins carefully side by side like this, there is really no comparison at all, DAPS uses all of the best-known protocols available and then adds in their own proprietory "Proof of Audit" protocol. This then, makes the DAPS the first-ever master node capable blockchain that is provably trustless. This means that even the master node operators themselves could never collaborate and hijack the blockchain, so there is literally no point where the users of DAPS coins must rely on and trust other humans. So the only potential point of failure becomes the code itself, something that every blockchain project must defend against. This in my mind makes DAPS the best, most secure, and most decentralized blockchain for private transactions.

The next question then must be, how secure is the DAPS blockchain code? The answer, in a nutshell, is, very secure! Back in January 2019, the DAPS team hired the well-respected cybersecurity firm Red4Sec to perform a complete and extensive audit of the DAPS blockchain code. And with only a few minor adjustments, the DAPS blockchain proved to be secure against all known vectors of attack at that time. You can read the full PDF report here if you find such things interesting. The operation of the DAPS blockchain was also put through a rigorous set of test-net exorcises by the development team and select members of the Daps community. During that time I never heard a discouraging word from any of the member participants, from the time I became interested in the DAPS project it seems to have met or exceeded expectations from everyone involved.

The development and partnerships continue at a breakneck pace for DAPS as they are preparing for the approaching mass adoption phase of blockchain technology and the eventuality of the disruption that it is going to have on the current financial system. Although DAPS does not currently have the top privacy coin market cap ranking you have to know that as the weaknesses become exposed in other projects and as DAPS begins to deploy their new Web wallets, SmartPhone wallets, Multi-Sig wallets, SecuX hard wallets and more, then it is only going to be a matter of time before they really start to garner some major amounts of media attention and publicity.

You can read the latest news about DAPSCOIN on their latest blog here.

Here are the current exchanges where you can find DAPS but they are adding a new one soon that has yet to be announced.

I didn't write this blog to profit in any way for myself, I just wanted my friends to be informed about this project and if someone were thinking about adding a privacy coin to their portfolio I didn't want them to miss DAPS when doing their research. You all know who the biggest names are in this privacy coin market without me having to call them out here, and those projects were a very good beginning for this much-needed market. But the DAPS team has taken the best from each of those projects, combined them together, and then improved upon the technology by adding in the own unique protocol {Proof of Audit) to solve the trust issue that the others did not. For me, this makes DAPS the number one choice no matter what the market caps indicate.

Disclaimer: I'm not part of the DAPS team nor am I being paid or compensated in any way for writing this blog other than what I might receive from the members here on Scorum that find this information useful. I do hold some DAPS coins so you know that I believe in what they are doing. I believe that this is a great project with an incredible marketing group and an ever-growing list of partnerships. I also would love to see some way that Scorum and DAPS could work together. If nothing else I would love to see them set up as a swap pair on Uniswap or a similar liquidity pool coin swap site.