I have been using the Brave browser since it launched months ago and as it has grown and matured I have been continuously increasing my use cases. And now, with this last major update I'm ready to make Brave my browser of choice for everything that I do online both on my cell phone and on my home computer. The only reason that I have not made this move already was because I could not use all of the Chrome apps that I have learned to lean on when working online. But now Brave has updated so that it is fully Chrome compatible and all of my apps will now work flawlessly.

Why Brave?

I tried Brave on my cell phone first and I can tell you from that experience and comparing it with other browsers it truly is the fastest browser that you can use on a cell phone, or on any other platform for that matter. There are no ads on Brave by default, so any site that you visit which is plagued by tons of ads that slow your loading time down now will load in a flash, it is amazing. I used My Brave browser while sitting beside my son, who was using one of the latest Android versions on the market at the time while I was still using his old hand me down Android. We started loading the same web pages to see who's browser loaded fastest, his Firefox with ad blocker or my Brave browser (One of the older versions). My web pages loaded faster every time, it was not even a contest! For those of you who have to pay for your usage minutes as you go this would be a huge savings of both money and time.

But wait, there is so much more to the Brave browser. It has most of the latest and greatest browser features that everyone uses, but with Brave your online safety automatically takes a huge leap ahead as you have much more control over what cookies you accept and Brave has tools built in to stop people from tracking any of your activities. In fact, if you really want to be secure you can open a private tab in Brave and even use Tor technology to better ensure your privacy.

Also Brave has a built in crypto wallet!

Do you realize all of the possibilities that this opens up to Brave users? Online shopping or paying for online services with cryptocurrencies will soon be a breeze, no more opening up another wallet or transferring funds from some exchange.

Brave uses the Basic Attention Token (BAT) as it's internal coin,* in your wallet you can also exchange other cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin into BAT tokens*, and in the future there will be many other choices.

When you have BAT tokens in your wallet you can then set up your wallet to automatically pay content creators and the great web sites that you visit. After all, if you are going to gain value and save time and money by skipping the ads, then what do the businesses and creators that do all of the work for your enjoyment get out of it? How will they be able to continue their services or continue to create all of that great content if they lose their ad revenue? BAT that's how! From now on instead of a web site getting paid a few pennies by an intrusive ad company after the money has passed through the hands of some middle man, now you can pay them those pennies directly, value for value. But what about the ad companies, is Brave going to put them out of business? Nope, that is the beauty of Brave because in the future you will have the option of getting paid in BAT tokens for seeing the ads that you are interested in. From now on you will have the option, surf the web ad free and then you can give a few pennies to the web sites that you enjoy visiting, or watch a few ads for things that interest you and get paid for it yourself and in turn you can pay those web sites and content creators with your earnings. Pure genius I think.

At this time the ability to get paid for watching ads is not yet available, but not to worry, Brave just added 35 Free BAT tokens into my wallet so that while I'm enjoying the Brave browser ad free I can still make sure that my favorite content creators get paid. :)

* Correction:

I originally said that you can store these other coins in your wallet but I was mistaken. When you add Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin to your wallet it is automatically converted to BAT tokens in Uphold. Uphold has partnered with Brave to provide the wallet.

The Brave browser is up to 2X faster on a desktop computer and 8X faster on a Cell Phone, if you haven't done so already I really think that you should join the 5.5 million people that have already downloaded this better, faster and safer browser.

Update Edit:

A friend reminded me last night that the Brave wallet is not yet available in the cell phone version of the browser. I use Brave mostly on my desktop since I'm a homebody, I only use my phone on the Internet on the rare occasions that I'm traveling or away from home for several hours. I'm sure that the cell phone versions will have their own wallet soon.

Visit the Brave Website: https://brave.com/index/

Brave Github: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/


I am not affiliated with the Brave browser in any way other than being a very happy user. I have not been paid for writing this blog and will not be compensated in any way other than any upvotes or rewards that I receive from Scorum members through this blog. I'm writing this purely for information purposes because I want all of my friends to know that they have a powerful new choice for their web browsing needs that I have personally tested to be faster and safer than other similar browsers. I am not a financial adviser and I'm not telling you that you should purchase Brave tokens, you need to do your own due diligence before you invest in this project or any other. I only have a small amount of BAT tokens myself but I'm seriously considering taking a much larger position in BAT at some point in the near future. If you decide to give Brave a chance or if you are currently using the Brave browser please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of it. I have spent a good portion of my day today surfing the web on Brave and I have constructed this entire blog using my newly updated Brave browser.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog today!