Watch the following video that was sent to me by a friend and tell me that it doesn't match my blog on the subject almost perfectly.

Here is the blog that I wrote on the subject almost a year ago, just the right amount of time to put the idea into action! Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad about it at all, in fact I'm happy that someone is going to try this idea out because I believe that there is a very good chance that it will work. Of course if they really did get the idea from my blog it would be a nice gesture to supply me with a few coins from the team of my choice.

What If Your Team Was On A Blockchain?

"What if sports teams were on their own blockchain? Hmmm, let's say that I wanted to start a new NFL team in Birmingham, Alabama and I was going to create a blockchain and a cryptocurrency to fund the startup and pay my players and coaches."

I have a lot of ideas, I get them all of the time. I have watched many times as someone else took my idea and put it to good use. Of course I tend to have more bad ideas than good so it takes someone smarter in business and technology to know whether my ideas could be either profitable or possible.

I'm currently passing all of my ideas for sports on a blockchain over to the Scorum Dev. Team, because if Scorum does well and profits then I do also. Let's hope that I can one day come up with a timely idea that is just the right fit for Scorum.