I was just looking over a blog written by mateonav53 called "Understanding Why Some Laker Fans Don't Want LeBron" and the thought came to me; What if sports teams were on their own blockchain? Hmmm, let's say that I wanted to start a new NFL team in Birmingham, Alabama and I was going to create a blockchain and a cryptocurrency to fund the startup and pay my players and coaches.

Legion Field, a little-used rentable stadium in Birmingham, Alabama. Photo Credit

I have decided to create the Birmingham Bombers and my cryptocurrency ICO will be for the purchase of "BOMB" tokens. Investors for this ICO are known as fans and all tickets and merchandise associated with the Birmingham Bombers (BB's) will have to be purchased with BOMB tokens. All of the players and staff for this team will be paid in Bomb. The value of this team then is based on the value of the limited number of BOMB tokens compared to the number of fans purchasing and holding those tokens. This would create an incentive for the players, coaches, and the fans/owners for this team to succeed and win games, thus expanding the fan base and increasing demand/value of the tokens.

The draft is coming up in a few days, what do we do?

NFL Draft (Photo Credit)

Coaches, players, and token holders have been discussing the needs of the team and voting on potential draft picks leading up to the day of the draft, and as the selection progresses the players with the highest vote count that are still undrafted get chosen until all of the team's needs are met. No politics, no backroom deals, just pure fan/owner choice selections. The fans are the owners of the team by virtue of the tokens that they hold, the more tokens they own the greater their voting power.

The same goes for trades, if a player is unhappy and wants to leave the program then a vote on a potential trade can take place. But if there is no proper trade or if the owners want to keep the player then he is under contract to stay. He still must play to win because the value of his earnings in team tokens partially depends on his output on the field.

The end result is a team in which everyone from the top down has a vested interest in, they are all dependant on one another for success. If the tokens were issued on a Graphene Blockchain like Scorum and the Bomb tokens were either staked or liquid, just as we have staked SP and liquid SCR, then those fans who have staked their tokens for a certain period of time are eligible to vote and make decisions for the team. But all payments and trades would be conducted with liquid tokens and those tokens could be openly traded on the exchanges.

Well maybe it is a silly idea, I don't know, but it is the kind of thing that runs through my mind when reading someone else's blog. If mateonav53 comments on this blog I will upvote him as a thank's for the idea, you can upvote him also if you think he's worth it. ;)