Hyperspace is a blockchain Social media blogging platform rewarding users and content creators for using the platform and sharing their knowledge.Unlike facebook where individual can create a group space for sharing a certain knowledge so that individual with skills related to that knowledge can contribute in that group space but at the end of the day no matter how huge the group space is, those knowledge shared by those individuals in those group spaces will end up earning no income thus facebook will benefit while the individual who shared the knowledge will not,in hyperspace, this is not the case. When you create a group space and become an admin of that group space then you make that group to grow, then it will be like you have created an asset. This is because you will be making income on your group space when users are contributing in that space.Also, the contributors in the group will also be making revenue whenever they contribute their knowledge to the group and that knowledge is being amplified for benefiting other users. Beside contributors of that group space, other users will also be making daily revenue for being active in several group space. The daily income for each user will be Universal Bonus Income being abbreviated as UBI provided that your account is fully verified.

The currency at hyperspace which will be used for amplifying contents in several space is AMP.As a contributor, you will be able to make one post in only one space.

As a space owner, you will be able to make revenue in several ways. You can make money when users are using your space, this is being referred to as space income. You can also be making money whenever a post is being amplified, this is referred to as contributors income. In some circumstances, you can decide to charge a small fee in order for contributors to make their post at your space.

Let say that in the space where you are an admin, you have very talented contributors who have managed to attract huge number of users to join the space and the space now happens to have over 10,000 users, this will make you to be making huge amount of income per day based on commissions you charge for posts to appear on your space as well as space income and whenever a post is being amplified. This can make you a social media millionaire right.

Currently, hyperspace is being listed at coingecko and coinmarket cap and is trading at a price of $0.0195 at bittrex, upbit,poloniex,hitbtc and cryptopia exchanges with a circulating supply of 100,000,000 AMP

If you are smart and you have good skills in certain area, I think it is time for you to join hyperspace and you start making your contribution in group spaces where you are good at. At the same time, you can decide to create your own space and start growing it.

Here is the link to join hyperspace;