Publishox is a blockchain blogging platform that enables individual with all kind of skills to share their blogging post in several categories such as blockchain, music,food,technology,art, entertainment, business,news, programming, photography,gaming,books,videos and many more.In return, those blogs will earn revenue when they are being tipped by users.

Just like the way we have other blogging sites like blogger where for individual to create a post, they first have to create a blog in order for that post to appear there, in publishox, the same apply. One can create as many blog as they want and make sure to give those blog a given name. For example, you might want to share knowledge related to blockchain technologies. on Your publishox account, you should first create the name of that blog. If you already have a website where you normally make a post related to blockchain technology and your website name is blockchain geek, you can as well decide to give your blog name as blockchain geek at publishox such that whenever you make a post related to blockchain technology, you make sure to include that blockchain geek name so that the should appear to the public under the name blockchain geek blog with the name of the post.

At publishox, making revenue for your website is as easy as ABC using the tipping model.There is already a tipping scroll default button where the author should earn 80% while you as the user of the platform should earn 20%.When you are making a tip, make sure to tip the author with 80% because they have done their best to share with you what they know while as a user just tip yourself with 20%.

At publishox, there are 3 currencies used as rewards when a tip is being made.

The first one is DAI stable coin which is equivalent to $1.

The second one is bountyox while the third one is project hydro.

Anytime you make a tip for reading a certain article at publishox, all these three currencies will automatically be rewarding between you and the article which you will have managed to read based on percentage tip made.

Per article per author, you can make 1 tip after every 24 hour while per author per different article you can make a tip after every 1hour.

per tip per different author, you can make a tip after every 5 minute.

This is a very good opportunity for people with different knowledge to share.People have good knowledge but they don't know where to share them to earn revenue with them. Thanks for publishox for creating an easy revenue earning blogging platform.

Join other users and authors at publishox and start sharing the knowledge you have and you will earn from them. Use the link below