Lets take some inspiration from China and Learn about their Unique way of dealing with a Massive Problem: "Waste Disposal".

It May sound Weird! But the Chinese Nation is Farming Cockroaches. A cockroach Farm has over 6 Billion cockroaches!

Now the Question arises that Why are they Farming cockroaches?

The answer to this Question is that according to Chinese science the cockroaches are used for Proper Waste disposal without causing and damage to the Environment! There are companies in China who are selling cockroaches for the same...

Waste disposal systems of other Countries Include: Dumping Waste into the Ocean, Burning waste, etc. Which has a negative impact on the Environment.

The Pharmaceutical industry in China uses cockroaches for making Medicine, The Chinese find cockroaches as a high source of Protein and they are also an alternative to Meat in China.