Travelling and Scaling the Globe gets a person out of his comfort zone, makes him fearless, and is a great source of knowledge and wisdom!

A guy from the West or any part of the world would have a wonderful experience travelling all around the globe. The thrill of exploring new cultures, lifestyles and other things simply brings out the explorer side of yourself!

If you belong to a developed country, I'd recommend you to visit a part of the world which is still undergoing development, So that you could experience the Blend in culture, A simple lifestyle for,m, art and other magic things which are worth experiencing!

Parts of Asia, Africa could be your perfect travel destination as it will make you feel like you entered a new world. Things like Gratefulness, Being Humble will add on to your mindset.

Basically it would give you a new perspective towards life, You would be a solution finder, A better human being and you would be always searching for new opportunities in you life!