The persons of Our Generation Have the Dream of Pursuing Their Goals and The Odds of Them being related to The Primary Sector ( Farming, Mining etc.) is very Less.

Population is growing at a rapid pace day by day and The World Needs Farmers and Cultivators to Feed Billions of People all around the Globe Which could be a Genuine reason for Agricultural Production Subsided in Most Countries.

The Bad side of the Story is that Farmers in Most parts of the World get Badly Exploited. All the Hard Work is done by the Farmers and the Profits is taken by the Middle Men and Big Companies.

Farmers are in a very bad and Nations are rendering Subsidies to solve this Problem which could result in a Huge problem in the Future if correct decisions are not make.

My take on this problem would be that Primitive Technology and Human Capital should be Organized in Such a Way that the Output Could be doubled and the Farmers could be paid good Wages and Benefits so that they could be Happy and Satisfied and would Feed the People for Generations to come.