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Welcome to the third edition of the HYPE Sports Innovation Newsletter.

Here are our 5 best stories of the week:

The Smartest NBA investor

The Golden State Warriors guard, Andre Iguodala is well known as a smart technology investor. The three-time NBA Champion talked on a Players Technology Summit in San Francisco, reflecting on deals and forecasting the future trends suggesting fellow athletes to put money in the right places.

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Crypto-Cards – the next generation of baseball cards

Digital baseball cards that go on sale in batches called Crypto-Baseball might change the classic collecting phenomena and ultimately for the best, attracting new fans to practice the tradition. The code of the cards is backed by the blockchain to determine how rare your card really is and this value changes depending on a player's performance.

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Tokyo 2020 aims to boost face recognition technology 

The VAR needed the world cup to make it’s breakthrough and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic committee aims to make a revolution of its own with the use of facial recognition to speed up security lines and improve safety of fans and participants. 300,000 Athletes, officials, staff and press are expected to attend the games and use NEC systems.

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Orthodox FIFA dedicates monthly magazine for technology

Soccer is considered very conservative when it comes to technology, but it looks like the tables have turned after the last FIFA World Cup. The governing body of soccer decided to devote their monthly magazine (FIFA 1904) for the changes and innovation around the game including the new balls, VAR improvements, eSports, robots and injuries rehabilitation. 

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Richard Sherman tackling the NFL over "Idiotic" rule

The 49ers cornerback twitted about the new helmet rule (Illegal to lower your head to initiate contact against an opponent) and just like on the field, he didn't hold back. The tweet aroused the discussion on if the change will result a profound distortion to the game and cause the NFL a big PR problem just on the eve of the season.

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