Does the FootballCoin platform provide sufficient potential to capitalise from the in-game earning rewards?

Football Coin - Game Overview

To make money from on Football Coin, you build teams from acquiring player and stadium cards and then enter into competitions (Free or Paid) where your player's real-life performances give you a final ranking that can win you a slice of the overall prize pool.

As a concept - I like card 'collectibles', and whilst you can sign-up for free and create a team of players to get a taste for the game - to work up the rankings you will need to invest in the higher rated player cards.

I like the inclusion and ability to buy stadiums that can be used to host competitions in return for income as well.

To buy cards you will need to buy some XFCCOIN which is the virtual currency used in the game.

Player Supply and Demand

Having taken a quick look through the current players available - all of the main names you'd expect to see, do feature. Players are graded from 2-5 stars with the likes of Messi given a 5 star rating (not sure why Salah is only 3 stars?!)

The limits from what I can see are that there is, and only ever will be 250 of each 5 star player, 500 of the 4 star players and 1000 of the 3 star players. All players rated are available to buy and sell for XFCCOINS.

Right now there were a total of 2,471 Managers registered in the game and most players I clicked on for more information were showing about 10% of their total production as available.

Taking the Firmino example above, I'm more inclined to believe that the 52/500 is actually 52 managers own Firmino and there is still 448 still available to buy. (I hope a quick check back in a few weeks will clear this up)

Potential Prize Money

The first free competition I joined featured teams from the days World Cup fixtures. For me this meant selecting from Australia, France, Peru and Denmark players.

With the likes of Pogba and Griezmann all paid options, I'm not holding up much hope for my 2 star motley crew (not even sure some of them will play!), but the outcome will at least let me see the prize distribution and I expect to see the impact of how a paid/rare collectible card can start earning and building longer-term value.

Initial Summary

It really is too early to say, whether FootballCoin has the longevity for players to make any serious money from.

Like poker, there are some 'High Roller' competitions which if you've splashed the cash to obtain a team of rare and valuable players - but, again, like poker, these can only be classified as high-risk, high-rewards (gambling).

Assuming the database of expands to include all the players from the major leagues and the marketing continues to attract managers at a sensible speed, maybe the early investments into the rare cards can prove to be lucrative.

When the rare cards are all gone, it will be very interesting to see how the secondary market behaves for the scarcer cards.

Do you Play Football Coin or any other Blockchain Soccer Games?

If are a fellow manager in the game, I'd welcome the opportunity to hear from you. Similarly, if you've discovered an alternative Blockchain Soccer Game, please do let me know so I can check it out!

My contributions here on Scorum are to help fellow Soccer Gamers make better-informed decisions for a mutual financial benefit.


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