The first time I noticed Bitcoin Atom crypto coin was in July of 2018 While looking for the trending report at The coin headline reads "Bitcoin Atom (BCA) is a SegWit enabled Bitcoin fork with atomic swaps, hybrid consensus and lightning network."

However after researching a bit more I found out the Crypto coin in its hey day (when BTC was at 19k) the price of the coin was around $1400. That's an astounding downturn around for a coin with this magnitude. Then again with the bearish crypto market nothing is certain as of now.

Again upon researching a bit more was very much impressed with its Whitpaper plan specially Atomic Swap and lighting speed of its transaction. Eventually the developers came up with the new wallet with Atomic Swap built in by the end of October. They also have a plan to add an exchange and Electrum wallet. The developers of this coin are very much dedicated and 100 percent devoted to it. If anyone an investment opportunity with future growth plan then this is your key. To me it is the hidden gem that is sure to light up the sky in a future day.

They link to their site is : and coin symbol is BCA.

$1300 on Jan, 2018