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[SXIII] My posts and some more info about me [DEN]
My name is Den, and I'm into cryptocurrencies, scripting, software, hardware, ecology, electric cars, DIY, fablabs, traveing, linux, analytics, movies, music, and alot more. I'm not sure if this blog is going to be huge or if it's going to have frequent posts or not. But who knows... Maybe you've already red my steemit blog, or the golos one, but here are the list of topics, that I'm writing about sometimes. All the categories are with links! Press to review my posts. Traveling. Europe, Scandinavia, etc. etc, and thoughts about moving to a better place (from Russia) Cryptocurrencies. I've been to the ship since 2009-2010 year and I'm more involved now than ever. Events. Crypto-related, business ones, events about new technolgies, startups etc. Linux distributions. Announces, releases, new software et Electric cars. I'm bringing Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Teslas and other electric cars to my native city (Rostov-on-Don) and trying to create EV communities here (websites, forums, installing chargers, plugshare, etc.). Photo culture. I am photo (and video) maniac and I have 15+ years experience in semi-professional photography. Ecology, alternative energy (solar, wind, hydro). Eco-homes. Hardware - computer & more. Fablabs, design, arudinos, raspberries pi's, CG, 3D printing, drones, VR/AR/MR. Software and web - opensource and free. Coding, scripts. Free thoughts on different topics. Project development, management, politics, privacy, etc. Open-minded culture, futurist thinking. Tabletop games (made by me, friends and factories). Reviews for films, games, torrents, music, banking services. English club Please write down in comments which of these topics are more interested for you and/or suggest others. I'd also add few links to my profile, if you're interested:Facebook: social networks (15+):ts:// of my projects: Github: Hope this posts (some of them are in english, some - in russian) can be interesting/useful. Write in comments if you like to see some of the topics or categories in my blog on whaleshares, and see you! Den Ivanov aka @sxiii from Random City

My introduction post
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