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Excessive Exercise Can Cause Death As you know, humans who are diligent in exercising will certainly have a healthy, fit body and even can be lined up to have a long life. Not infrequently, many people are competing to exercise diligently, from light to heavy sports. However, have you ever heard that excessive exercise can cause death? Yes, in fact the exercise that you live if done excessively can cause death. Curious? Come on, consider some of the causes of death from excessive exercise. Excessive exercise can cause rhabdomyolysis What is rhabdomyolysis? Rhabdomyolysis is a condition that occurs when the muscle is damaged. This damage releases the myoglobin pigment from the muscle into the blood. Kidneys under normal conditions usually filter pigments from the blood. But substances from muscle damage can harm the kidneys by blocking their filtering structure. Kidney and kidney failure will emit toxic waste substances into the blood. With excessive exercise, your muscles can experience stress, and can bring your muscles to the point where the muscles really start to numb to this serious medical condition. How to treat rhabdomyolysis is to do intravenous hydration to dilute blood potassium levels and to flush myoglobin lumps from the kidneys. In the acute stage, your heart will be at risk for a sudden heart attack. Death from a heart attack when exercising Basically exercise is very good for heart health. But often, many people don't pay attention to their heart health, plus they often exercise excessively and can cause arrhythmias in the heart. The Harvard Alumni Health Study found that the risk of heart disease begins to fall when you exercise spending more than 500 calories a week and continue to decline until you get 2,000 calories a week. Then more excessive exercise does not offer more protection for heart health. When someone is exercising extra, whether on a treadmill, or other sports, it can increase the risk of sudden heart attacks in certain people. The majority of people who experience death due to heart attacks due to excessive exercise are people who are over 35 years of age, or you could say they are no longer young. Why is that? Basically, they do sports only recently, or only when they are aware of age they need exercise. Well, when they are too late to realize the importance of exercise, they also forget to check the health, heart, blood pressure and cholesterol conditions in the body so they do not know that they have dangerous heart disease if excessive exercise. Some correct sports tips 1. Don't overdo it when exercising Exercise is basically very good for health, it can even have a good impact on the heart. But you should not need to exercise too much. Increasing the frequency of frequent exercise may be more beneficial than increasing the risk of having a heart attack when exercising too hard, including weight lifting or strenuous activity that can injure the muscles. 2. Don't underestimate health conditions If after exercise you feel nauseous, dizzy, short of breath, chest pain and even vomiting, you should immediately seek first aid to the nearest clinic or puskemas. These symptoms can be a sign of a sudden heart attack, which can certainly lead to death. Keep in mind because the heart is also composed of muscles, damage to the heart can become permanent if it is not immediately handled. You can also chew aspirin while waiting for handling to come. Aspirin functions to break down blood clots that block blood pumping to the heart. 3. Better to exercise in the morning Why is it better in the morning? Besides the air is still cool and free of pollution, exercising in the morning can keep the rhythm to rest at night. The benefits of exercise in the morning will also make the human mind sharper for 4 to 10 hours, and fresher. Even exercising in the morning will improve the quality of sleep which will also affect your weight. In addition, choosing the right exercise schedule in the morning will also improve mood and control appetite. That is why exercising in the morning is a good time to burn calories to lose weight. Avoid exercising at night, because it will cause severe fatigue after a day of activities, and often cause sudden heart attacks.

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