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Blockchain Seminar, November 3rd 2018
## The meet up ![IMG-20181103-WA0009.jpg]( The program which was hosted by the beautiful @sushie started with introduction of attendees, after which @agbona (MET ambassador Nigeria) took us through the basics of BEAM. `What is Beam? By Agbona` Beam is a new token, about 3 months old. It's a privacy token (can't be traced/not open source), it's peer to peer transaction. It provides anonymity and access to data of organizations. MimbleWimble is from harry potter series and it's the name of the protocol on which BEAM is based.` This presentation was concluded with a Skype call from Dylan Dewdney (BEAM) who said a few words Yoruba and made it clear that it wouldn't be possible without the internet. Next, we had the Groot @pangoli (who turned out to be a teddy bear and not a tree) walk us through the past, present and future of steem. I learnt more about DApps through his presentation. He also talked about HIVEMIND and communities. SLAU exchange had a chat session moderated by @pangoli about crypto trading; what to look out for when buying a coin, when to HODL and when to sell. There was also a panelist discussion session with @samest of @wls-africa/BDT and @dante31 of promo-mentors and project @curie moderated by @jotmax of on the differences between whaleshares and steemit; it was a really interesting discussion as there were contributions from attendees (@marshalllife and @tezzmax). The Meetup was brought to a closure with a great delivery from MET Token founders Kyle Frondriest and Matt Winstead on Skype. It was indeed a wonderful experience. You don't believe? Let the photos speak😂 ![IMG_20181103_155841.jpg]( @afolwalex @udezee @samest @sammiegold @emekasegun @tezzmax @rebeccafl @adedoyin-wealth, joyce ![IMG_20181103_154032.jpg]( @pangoli @sushie ![IMG_20181103_161513.jpg]( @dante31 ![IMG_20181103_153849.jpg]( Till the next meet-up, ## I am @bookoons, reminding you to Make A Difference today!
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