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New Guns vs Old Guard on CryptoSoccr
It has been just over a month since my first transaction on CryptoSoccr and it's seemingly starting to hot up as we approach the start of the new Premier League season! This is a follow up to the article I wrote a couple of weeks ago - CryptoSoccr: The Future of Collectible Player Cards which is already out of date as the game has since introduced Stadium cards! Digital Collectibles The Crypto Collectible market is gaining momentum. Keen to replicate the success of CryptoKitties, dApps with Pandas, Pigs, Dogs, Celebrities and Soccer Players are vying for owners of Ethereum to collect and play games with various rewards available to the early adopters. Secondary to this, dApps to trade or simply show off your collectibles and crypto goods such as OpenSea, RareBits and NiftyGallery are bringing further awareness to the mass market. CryptoSoccr - 1 month on Having been heavily involved in most player auctions on a daily basis, my conclusion is that the market is currently being controlled by 2 groups of users. In one corner you have those that helped to kick-start the game back in March. These established the baseline prices for the initial players that were released and as newer more active players have entered the game, they've been rewarded by seeing their players bought off them. They occasionally come back and buy, but it tends to be on day's that are quieter and on players owned by other original users. On the other hand, you have the next phase of users (like me), who have seen these early weeks as an opportunity to learn the ropes, start building more substantial long-term player portfolios and whilst doing so bank up some significant paper profits in anticipation for could happen next. Market Manipulation? You'd need to be naive to believe that all Crypto Collectible sites or Crypto Good auctions are conducted without manipulation and whilst Crypto Soccr continues to grow with a limited userbase, for those watching closely enough, you'll be able to spot some obvious buying patterns that suggest collaboration between users. With the top player prices now between 2.5 - 3 ETH each, they are likely still affordable to enough individuals to see them change hands a bit higher - BUT, at 5-10 ETH each as the affordability or desire to spend this much for one smart contract drops away, then maybe we can expect to see 'Team' purchases. Introduction of Stadiums Over the last 10 days, we've seen the introduction of some of the Worlds most iconic stadiums... and Old Trafford 😉 With over 200 player cards now released and in circulation, Stadium cards are rarer and and have been bid up to over 1 ETH each. It would appear that Trophies will be released at some point in the future, however, it is still unclear if there will be advantages to owning a clubs players and stadium together. Next Stage of the Games Growth The game has settled to the point where 3 new players are released daily (there is a nice option to request a player as well which the developers listen to) and a Stadium every few days (less predictable). On release, there is then the ensuing battle between the new and old users to add their preferred new players to their portfolio. To improve on this level of activity though will require a dedicated marketing strategy combined with further options or actions for the Player Collectibles. From my side, it would be nice to have the introduction of a mini-game or the ability to trade contracts between users. Either way, there will need to be something to capture everyone's interest as without a major next step, users may decide they prefer to start playing Dragon, Car, Dog or Robot dApp equivalents where their collectibles can provide more value and enjoyment in faster scaling environments!!! Do you Play CryptoSoccr or any other Blockchain Soccer Games? If are a fellow manager in the game, I'd welcome the opportunity to hear from you. Similarly, if you've discovered an alternative Blockchain Soccer Game, please do let me know so I can check it out! My contributions here on Scorum are to help fellow Soccer Gamers make better-informed decisions for a mutual financial benefit. -- Follow my CryptoSoccr transaction history on Twitter @sharmanYNWA *Please do not take this review or summary as a constitute to buy/invest into Crypto Soccr.