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Lympo Run : Blockchain Fitness and Wellness App (Walk, Run, Earn, Instant Payments in Crypto)
Earn while exercising with this amazing new fitness application. From now on you will never have to Walk or Run for free again. WHAT IS LYMPO RUN? Lympo Run is a cool new fitness app now available on both the google play store and apple app store which allows you to earn the cryptocurrency Lympo(LYM) for completing simple daily walking and running challenges. Easy and Free to Sign Up I recently discovered this app and it's pretty amazing. It's simple and free to sign up just download the application sign up with you Google, Facebook, or Email and start participating in daily challenges like walking or running a few miles. The application tracks you path, speed and distance and boom your awarded LYM tokens instantly once you complete each challange. Below are a few screenshots of the application itself. Market Place and Wallet In my opinion the best things about the Lympo Run is the Free wallet installed into the app which makes it simple for the not so tech savvy. Then there's Lympo Shop a in-app marketplace where you can purchase some sweet things with the LYM tokens. Items available for purchase in the Lympo Shop include tennis shoes and apparel from top name brands like Nike and Adidas, Electronics like Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, Apple (watches, phones, & ipads), Fitbits, Dufflebags, Etc. Possibly exchange LYM for BTC, ETH to get more SCR? Now i have yet yo find the option to withdraw tokens so don't quote me on this however these tokens are exchangeable on multiple crypto exhanges including Kucoin, Cobinhood and Huobi. LYM tokens have once traded at 0.14 cents per coin but due the current market crash are now trade at below 0.01 cents who knows the value of these bad boys can possibly "Go To the Moon" so if anyone happens to find a way to withdraw their coins please let me know. I would love sell mine for ETH and earn more SCR for free. So there you have it earn for exercising with Lympo Run. Who dosent love free money?