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Actifit - Initial Steem Offering, Friday April 12 to Sunday April 14 2019
The first ever ISO - Initial Steem Offering - starts today at 1 GMT. Where On Steem Engine Decentralized Exchange When Starting at 1 PM GMT, Friday, April 12th 2019. Ending at 1 PM GMT, Sunday, April 14th 2019 What Sale of AFIT tokens, lovingly called the Initial Steem Offering ori ISO for short, the first ever! How much Fixed price of 1 AFIT for 0.05 Steem or 20 AFIT for 1 Steem. How do I participateHave a Steem account or create one at ActifitLogin at Steem Engine DEXDeposit SteemGo to Steem / AFIT trading pair market pagePut a buy order for AFIT with your deposited Steem with a fixed price of 0.05 SteemWait for the sale event to start when you've put an order before 1 PM today - or - see your order fulfilledCongratulate yourself because now you are the proud owner of the most sought for and the most active crypto asset :) Bonuses Bonus 1: First 30 buyers of AFIT tokens with a minimum of $100 USD will each be rewarded with an extra 3,000 AFIT tokens, for a total of 90K AFIT tokens! Bonus 2: Top 10 buyers will receive a total of 90K AFIT tokens, as follows :Top Buyer #1: 40K AFIT.Top Buyer #2: 20K AFIT.Top Buyer #3: 10K AFIT.Top Buyer #4: 5K AFIT.Top Buyers #5 - 10: 2.5K AFIT each. Bonus 3: All buyers with a minimum of $100 USD will each receive 20 ENG token! Tutorials Video Tutorial by @sumit71428 Text Tutorial by @katerinaramm Text Tutorial by @ckole Text Tutorial by @rosatravels Official announcements (Newest first) Actifit ISO Kicks Off Tomorrow @ 13:00 GMT For Only Two Days ! Radio Show Tomorrow - Don't Miss It! Daily Updates. Actifit ISO: Less Than 2 Days To Go. FAQs & Tutorial About Event. Actifit ISO: First Ever "Initial Steem Offering" This Friday. Not To Miss Event: Discounted AFIT Price. AFIT + ENG Tokens Bonuses! Official banner My personal announcements Once to bed and Actifit ISO is here Top Actifiters in Week From April 1st to 7th 2019 - AFIT ISO News Links and more ... Actifit website Discord Facebook Twitter Instagram Telegram Final words This is a unique opportunity to participate in the first ever ISO, a new way to offer and receive valuable tokens with and on the Steem platform. Be a part of it. Be active and do something good for your soul, body and pocket. Good luck! Better and better

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