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Scorum can take a step further by being more mobile friendly
Firstly I'll like to thank the entire scorumcommunity and everyone who made this scorum platform available to us. And I'll like to give a very big thumbs up to you guys for the work you have done so far on scorum, because in less than a year you guys have created a blogging platform and also created a betting site @ scorumbet ,wow i'll say the sky can only be your stepping stone because I know despite the pressure you guys are capable of so much more than what we are seeing now. Today I'll like to write about most of the issue some of us, who make use of mobile devices are facing currently on scorum. If you have ever tried to access the scorum website using a mobile phone then you'll know that the experience is not too pleasant especially if you are not using an Android phone, I mean just only to post one write up will be as if you are doing a big work on your phone, but I think these things are minor things which can be fixed by make the site's interface more mobile friendly. what does the word mobile friendly mean? Well for me to explain that in a term everyone will understand, I say it's just a way of shrinking down your regular website down to be small enough to display on a mobile device with ease. Threefore we can say it looks like a tiny version of your regular website, because it's now small enough to display on a mobile device even when there is lots of zooming and scrolling going on, the site still displays and functions properly without any stress. Another idea I think Will be great, will be the creation of a scorum app which can be downloaded on Android, windows and iOS, with the creation of this app not only is scorum going to become very popular it also going to be unique in its own way making it different from all others that have come before it. So fellow bloggers on scorum who also make use of mobile devices, I'll like you guys to please add what ever you think I missed out on scorum being mobile friendly in the comment section below and remember to upvote. Words of encouragement "The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new” That's it for today ladies and gentlemen till I come your way again I remain my humble self @ jesse