very few ancient games have survived the onslaught of modern and new games again being played from prehistoric times which has not lost its Sheen and glory even today is the body and invaluable gift to the world of sports from India Kabaddi is basically an outdoor combative team game of offense and defense it's a unique game as it needs no equipment whatsoever it can be played in any condition any better and just about 

anywhere the thrill and excitement of playing Kabaddi is unparalleled in the field of sports after originating in India Kabaddi won the hearts of sports lovers in most Asian countries like Pakistan Nepal Bhutan Sri Lanka Bangladesh Maldives Malaysia China and Japan in India Kabaddi is known as hadoo in East India chair guru in South India corn bara in western India today's name of Kabaddi may have been derived from corn bara which 

means a challenge to the opponent in older times Kabaddi was paid in three different forms known as Amer gemiini and sanjivini they all had different rules of the game the present form of Kabaddi is a blend of the best of these old forms the rules to play Kabaddi they're laid down in the year 1918 the same that printed in 1923 that very year and all India competition was conducted in Baroda on the basis of these rules the play field of Kabaddi is rectangular in size measuring 12.5 meters by 10 meters for women 

girls and sub junior boys it is 11 meters by 8 meters for our explanation we are using a men's coat this mid liner not only divides the court into two equal halves but is also the entry and exit point for the players attacking the opposite team this is the end line and these are the sidelines behind each end line is a block measuring 8 meters by 1 meter called the sitting block the players who get out sit here and wait till they are revived again to enter the field an opposition player has to cross this buck line which is 3.2 5 meters from the midline while attacking or he will be declared out if he crosses this bonus line and returns home safely he gets a bonus point originally Kabaddi was played in a mud 

filled by barefoot players in this rough and tough game special attention is given to the preparation of the field so as not to hurt the players the field must be soft without obstacles and properly leveled as weather and soil differ from place to place so also the technique of preparing a mud field would differ from place to place the making of a Kabaddi field is as important as the making of a pitch is to cricket with the advent of the huwah court the field of Kabaddi has become uniform even the uniform of players has an addition now they are not barefoot with wear soft canvas shoes most of the sports are nowadays played in the evening or at night in floodlights Kabaddi - cannot remain 

untouched Kabaddi has two teams of seven players each the duration of the game is 40 minutes divided into two parts of 20 minutes with a 5-minute interval in between a player from the team who goes to attack is called the Raider and the process is known as a raid the opposite team is the defense or antes the radar before entering the ante sport without touches the mid line and starts chanting Kabaddi Kabaddi the chant has to be continuous in one breath without a break it's not an easy task try to yourself the average chant time for men is 30 seconds and for women it is 18 seconds in a war of wits and power the 

Raider can earn as many points as the players he can make out he can do so by touching a defense player anywhere with any part of his body and get back to his side without being caught before the midline if he touches one person he gets one point if he touches two he gets two points and so on if he could bring all the seven players down together he gets an additional two points if he crosses the bonus line and returns home safely he gets one point but the Raider has to cross the buck line of the defense in case he is not

 able to touch any antes if he comes back without doing so he will be declared out the players are stood from the game sit in their respective sitting blocks a player will be revived whenever his team makes a member of the opposite team out so depending on the game number of players in each team keep changing as the game progresses the antes can win a point and make a Raider out by stopping him from reaching back to the midline by pinning him down before the mid line till his chant is broken as soon as the Raider is out of which roles the roles of the two teams are reversed now the NTS become the radar and the raiding team becomes the defense a raid must commence in five 

seconds of the opposite team players withdrawal or it will be treated as an unproductive rate whenever a team gets the whole opposite team out it wins two additional points called Luna at the end of 40 minutes the team who scores more points is declared the winner Maharashtra state in India is the Pioneer state to popularize the game of Kabaddi Hanuman VI empresa Rahman doll of amravati demonstrated Kabaddi in the 1936 Olympic Games at Berlin it received tremendous international appreciation the first Asian Championship was conducted in 1980 at Calcutta kabbadi got a boost when it was 

inducted as one of the main disciplines in the eleventh Asian Games held at Beijing China India China Bangladesh Nepal Sri Lanka Japan and Malaysia participated in the event [Applause] in November 2004 Mumbai City had the proud privilege of hosting the World Cup Kabaddi championship the Honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra State mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh inaugurated the me organized by the south canara club it was a momentous day for the sport of Kabaddi as not only most of the Asian countries participated in the championship the traditionally non Kabaddi playing nations like 

Canada West Indies UK and Germany came out in full force to raise the banner of Kabaddi high up in the field of international sports a very jubilant and enthusiastic crowd of spectators swarmed the venue Hara Theory demanded and shared all the teams in there once again proved its supremacy in the game when it defeated giant killers Iran to win the World Cup Kabaddi championship but the rest of the team's efforts did not go unnoticed and sooner or later they're gearing up to throw new challenges in the coming times [Applause] like all sports Kabaddi two tests a sportsman's mental and physical 

endurance to keep fit a fitness training program is a must before any exercise of rope obama and cooling down is essential also what methods suits an individual should be decided with a technical coach and his guidance medicine ball exercises weight training improves the strength suppleness and stamina to make the body fit it builds a resistance to injury and strengthens the weakened muscles a player can exercise a specific muscle group like leg or calf muscles with weights as he requires to strengthen for his footwork so also exercises for other muscles can be done exercises for different muscle groups 

can also be arranged together as these exercises are arranged in a circle of six to twelve exercise stations it is called circuit training interval training means exercising in each station for a fixed time followed by a rest pause before going to the next station in Kabaddi the Raider plays intensely for thirty seconds then moderately as a defense as such interval type of training is good for the players while most of these exercises are general to all sports people the one thing of supreme importance in the game of Kabaddi 

is the chain the chant has to be in one breath only to improve and master the art of chanting there is a specific exercise of yoga pranayama Ronna involves taking of a deep breath and holding it the chant of Kabaddi is also the art of controlling breath so a player who masters the art of pranayama will definitely be able to attack while reading much

 more efficiently and with ease pranayama is the key to a rich chant which in turn is the soul of Kabaddi now that a player is physically fit let's come back to the game as said our raid is the offensive powder of Kabaddi an individual while chanting Kabaddi Kabaddi but tax the opposition that is the defense a raid plays paramount role in the game as a Raider can even get the whole opposition out in one stroke the Raider is the backbone of a steam he should have good footwork skill tactics and counteraction ability so as to attack successfully and come back home 

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