This week on freaky Friday contest organised by @pete, the contest is centered on the game many of us may not know about or have little knowledge of. Get your glasses and learn something new. You can enter the contest through the link below

After finishing my secondary school, I got a scholarship to study in one of the best Universities in the world. Not many are known to have attended the prestigious Harvard University but a son of a poor man who had dedicated his time to night study has got an opportunity the middle class cannot afford. Is god not faithful? Those were the exalt words of my mother when she received the news that her first son will be living home to study with the whites.

When all the travelling formalities were done and my papers ready, I had a very nice and memorable dinner with my sibling and parent. That early morning, dad accompanied me to the park where a boarded a bus to the only international airport e-rout USA. I was a very memorable experience being on my first flight. When I got to US, the first thing I did was to call home to inform them of my arrival.

My first day in school was so exciting in that I spent so much time watching a very strange sport ever which I later discovered to be called Lacrosse stick. What a funny name the first time I pronounced it. Well, I was so much interested in the game that I had to meet the person I had suspected to be coach to teach me about the game but he later referred me to the team captain who told me all about the game.

Historical preview

I was told it is one of the oldest games of the Native Americans and in the world which was played by hundreds of players in the field and can be between tribes and villages with no standard rules; it can vary a little with goal post some time miles apart. This form of game was mostly used to resolve dispute among tribes or villages. The game became a league major league in United state in 2001 known as Major League Lacrosse; MLL with ten team currently in the league now as well as the Premier Lacrosse League; PLL created by former player Paul Rabil in October last year. There is a National Lacrosse League; NLL in box lacrosse league in North America. There is a male and female college lacrosse enjoying bigger followership and there indoor version is very popular in Canada. The game is govern by Federation of international lacrosse FIL which has been organising the world most competitive game known as the World Lacrosse championship being dominated by the United States.

Jean de Brebeuf was a French missionary to America that came about the name Lacrosse. He spread the gospel of the game and predicted it to be a popular one. The Native Americans bought the idea which a Canadian by name William Gorge Beer later formed a lacrosse club and started making the rules of the game we are seeing today. This became a very popular sport in the 1990’s among the college and University students and still common among college students especially New England in United Sate.

Lacrosse equipment

Lacrosse in one of the fasted sport on foot, player with a stick called lacrosse where it derived its name from. The stick is design with a rubber net at one end and is played with a rubber or plastic ball. Like the game of soccer, hockey etc, the teams that is able to put the ball into the net most wins the game. The players are allowed to do all manner of things with the net end like catching the ball, running with the ball, carry, shooting and passing the ball.

This is game that involves a lot of athletic and involves active participation but special attention is played to the safety of the players as there are equipment players wear like in baseball to avoid crashes like helmet, lacrosse gloves, mouth guard and pads; shoulder, rib and elbow pads. The keeper’s protection is made a priority with better protective wears and normally uses a different in the sense that his lacrosse stick has a bigger head.

The Field

Now to play this game, there are going to be two opponents scoring against each other but there is a little deviation in the balancing of the game. While the defensive players use a longer lacrosse stick of about 72 inches long the offensive players usually go with a short stick of about 40-42 inches long.

The lacrosse pitch is specially design with different areas measuring about 110 yards in length and 60 yards in width with a 6ft by 6 ft goal post 15 yards from the pitch ends. The pitch is divided into three sections. The defensive area where goals are scored, the wing area which is at the middle and the attack area where opponent score as well.

The time for my next lecture brought his review of the of lacrosse to a short end with promise that I will visit him during the weekends to learn about lacrosse rules and regulations. So, I took permission to go have my lectures.

I believe you learnt one or two thins about the game of Lacrosse and when next it is being discussed, you will have a thing to say.

Thanks for reading.