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Last time on Jann Lee and the Tower of Death, our hero is given a mysterious scroll concerning a mysterious tower with powerful foes. After being constantly warned of the dangers, Jann Lee enters the tower and manages to beat practitioners in the arts of Karate, Kung Fu, Praying Mantis, and the Naginata. After that, he comes across a mysterious Gatekeeper guarding the Gate to Death. Upon defeat and before vanishing, the Gatekeeper warns Jann Lee of foes past the fifth floor. These foes have dangerous powers and cannot be underestimated. Jann Lee takes the advice, and previous warnings to heart, and reaches the point of no return.

The sixth floor: the Flesh Guardians
The walls are decorated with the flesh and bones of all who challenged the Flesh Guardians and failed horribly
The first Flesh Guardian
The second Flesh Guardian
Jann Lee wields his nunchaku against the Flesh Guardians

The sixth floor is guarded by two men (who would be played by the Usos) wielding quarterstaffs. These two guardians identify themselves as Flesh Guardians and one of them says “Once we're through with you, we'll use your flesh and bones to decorate these walls here.” Jann Lee notices the flesh and bones of many unlucky combatants pinned to the walls, and boldly replies, “My flesh and bones aren't for anyone to decorate with!” A battle ensues, and after a few moments Jann Lee once again whips out his nunchaku to fight the Flesh Guardians. He manages to break the staffs of both guardians, who soon whip out their own nunchucks (both pairs having blades on the bottom of each stick). In a battle heavily reminiscent of the battle between Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto in Game of Death, Jann Lee and the two deadly guardians have a close battle, until Jann Lee breaks the neck of one guardian and then strangles the other with his nunchaku. As the second guardian dies from strangulation, he rapidly decomposes along with the other guardian into maggot-infested skeletons. Jann Lee is slightly taken aback by the sight, and then holsters his nunchaku while heading to the next floor.

The seventh floor: the Snake, Jaguar, and Wasp Guardians. The floor is littered with the bones of all that were viciously slaughtered y these guardians.
The Snake Guardian
The Jaguar Guardian
The Wasp Guardian
Jann Lee as fatally stomps the Snake Guardian

The seventh floor did not seem to have anyone inside, but Jann Lee soon notices something; he sees a large diamondback rattlesnake, a large jaguar, and a yellowjacket wasp. They look at him, as if they are planning to attack him. Then, one by one, they attempt to lunge at him but are stopped by his fast kicks, turning into humans as they attempted to attack him. Then, the three guardians (who would be played by Eric Young, Killain Dain, and Alexander Wolfe of the tag team SaniTY) then proceed to taunt him, claiming they can hear the beat of a heart and smell the blood of their prey. The Snake Guardian, the leader of the trio, then tells Jann that he will soon become their prey. Jann Lee does battle with the three predatory guardians one by one, defeating the Wasp, Jaguar, and finally Snake Guardians. As he stomps the Snake Guardian and eventually kills him, the Snake Guardian's final words are “You think this means anything?! You are just mortal flesh!” After the three guardians die and turn back into their animal forms (now carcasses), Jann Lee heads to the next floor.

The eighth floor: the Tiger Guardian
The Tiger Guardian
Jann Lee's fatal punch against the Tiger Guardian

The eighth floor is guarded by what looks like a large tiger. The tiger, like the other three guardians on the previous floor, looks at Jann Lee as if intending to kill him. He then transforms into a human form (who would be played by Jinder Mahal). The Tiger Guardian then assumes a Wing Chun stance, and both combatants do battle. The Tiger Guardian does manage to get the upper hand at first, but is later at the mercy of Jann Lee's Jeet Kune Do moves. Jann Lee then punches the Tiger Guardian in the chest, eventually killing him and turning him back into a now dead tiger. With the Tiger Guardian defeated, Jann Lee now heads to the next floor.

The ninth floor: the Bear Guardian
The Bear Guardian

The ninth floor is guarded by what looks like a large grizzly bear. The bear stands up and transforms into a human (who would be played by the monster Braun Strowman). The Bear Guardian taunts Jann Lee, saying that the Dragon cannot possibly hope to beat someone as strong as the Bear Guardian. Jann only replies with a smile, and the two do battle. The Bear Guardian manages to best Jann Lee for a moment, and even attempts to bear hug the Dragon to death....until Jann Lee manages to get one hand free and blinds the beast with a finger jab. Jann then lands a few blows, with one fatally striking the Bear Guardian in the ribs. The Bear Guardian groans in pain, stumbles, and then transforms back into a bear as he falls to the floor. Jann Lee starts to wonder what other opponents he will face. Will these opponents be animals transformed into humans....or perhaps something more? That is the question our hero intends to find the answer to.

The tenth floor: the Stone Guardian
The Stone Guardian
The Dragon vs. The Rock

The tenth floor is not like the other floors; it has several natural lumps of stone surrounding a stone throne where a warrior sits. The Stone Guardian (who would be played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) congratulates Jann Lee for making it this far. The two decide to do warm up exercises to the beat of taiko drums, with the mysterious man from earlier (the one who would be played by Baron Corbin) watching unseen. As the warm ups reach their climax, the man claps his hand once and the battle begins. The fight is a rather close one, with both combatants having the upper hand on at least three ocassions. The Stone Guardian then corners Jann Lee and attempts to crush his neck, but is later reversed by Jann Lee when Lee leaps off and then kicks the guardian from behind. Jann Lee then lands several blows, with the last one causing the Stone Guardian to writhe in intense pain and fall to the floor. The Stone Guardian then starts to slowly petrify. As he petrifies, he laughs and mocks Jann Lee, loudly proclaiming that “No one escapes death!” A few moments after petrifying, the Stone Guardian suddenly explodes to pieces. Jann Lee is taken aback by the sight, but shrugs it off and proceeds to press forward, expecting to fight more worthy opponents down the line in the Tower of Death.

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