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Previously on Jann Lee and the Tower of Death, our hero fought against two killers, five warriors that can transform into animals, and a warrior made of stone. Now Jann Lee heads to the next floor, not knowing exactly who his next opponent may be....

The eleventh floor: the Wooden Guardian
The Wooden Guardian

The eleventh floor has natural wood formations. Suddenly, a warrior (who would be played by Akira Tozawa) emerges. The Wooden Guardian says no words, but prepares himself for battle. Jann Lee and the Wooden Guardian do battle with the Wooden Guardian utilizing the art of jiujitsu. The guardian's jiujitsu moves prove an equal match with Jann Lee's moves in the art of Jeet Kune Do. For awhile, the fight seems quite equal, until Jann Lee finally overpowers the Wooden Guardian and literally breaks him in half. While the guardian is writhing in pain, he doesn't seem to be bleeding (there is wood sticking out of where he was broken in half). The guardian then passes out and turns into rotting wood. Jann Lee understands that the enemies that he will face in this tower are not merely warriors; they are supernatural foes. While his Jeet Kune Do skills are exemplary, he will need something more if he is to survive the Tower of Death.

The twelfth floor: the Water, Fire, and Earth Guardians
The Water Guardian
The Fire Guardian
The Earth Guardian

Jann Lee heads to the twelfth floor, where he finds a water fountain, a fire, and a bed of dirt and rocks. Out of nowhere, three figures emerge from these objects: a Water Guardian (who would be played by Xavier Woods), a Fire Guardian (who would be played by Kofi Kingston), and an Earth Guardian (who would be played by Big E). The Fire Guardian, the leader of the trio, congratulates Jann Lee for making it, but taunts him in saying that the Dragon cannot possibly get past them. Jann Lee only replies with a little smile, and the fight begins. The three guardians take on Lee one by one, each of them utilizing the various forms of Wing Chun. Despite their best efforts, Jann Lee manages to defeat all three of them. The Water Guardian turns into a puddle of water, the Earth Guardian turns into a pile of dirt, and the Fire Guardian turns into a scorched corpse. After defeating the three elemental warriors, Jann Lee now heads to the next floor.

The thirteenth floor the Ice Guardian
The Ice Guardian

The thirteenth floor has a bed of ice in between two standing candles. A figure emerges out of the ice; the Ice Guardian (who would be played by Bret “The Hitman” Hart). The Ice Guardian warns Jann Lee that he is not ready for what lies ahead, that the later foes in the tower are more dangerous than he would ever known. Jann Lee replies that he understands that, but that he is more than ready to fight if he needs to. The Ice Guardian acknowledges his answer, and the two begin to fight. The Ice Guardian initially gets the upper hand on Lee, and then both warriors are standing near the candle. Both wrestle for awhile until Jann Lee is pushed away by the Ice Guardian. Jann Lee notices a weakspot; the Ice Guardian seems to be sweating, but is actually losing water (since he is made of ice). As the Ice Guardian loses water due to heat, he starts to weaken. Jann Lee exploits this and keeps the fighting boundaries around the candles. Jann Lee finally lands few significant blows and the Ice Guardian collapses and turns into a puddle of water. After defeating the guardian, Jann Lee immediately heads to the next floor.

The fourteenth floor: the Glass Guardian
The Miz, er I mean the Glass Guardian
The fifteenth floor: the Emerald Guardian
The Emerald Guardian

The fourteenth floor has a wall of meshed glass with a glass throne. Sitting on that throne is the Glass Guardian (who would be played by Mike “The Miz” Mizanin). The arrogant Glass Guardian removes his robe and proclaims his plan to stain the glass with Jann Lee's blood. Both fighters engage in intense combat, and the Glass Guardian easily beats Jann Lee. After a tense moment of taking some pain, Jann Lee turns the tables around and the fight is equal for another few moments. Jann Lee then kicks the Glass Guardian in the leg, causing the guardian the fall on his knees. He starts to writhe in pain and then notices that he is turning into glass. Jann Lee lets out a battle cry and then viciously side kicks the downed Glass Guardian, causing to shatter to pieces. He then heads to the fifteenth floor, where he meets a similar setting, except with emeralds. The Emerald Guardian (played by Roderick Strong) gets up off of his throne and challenges Jann Lee. The two do battle, but the Crystal Guardian easily overpowers Jann Lee and seems to be winning....until Jann Lee finally reverses one of his moves with a somersault kick. After a few powerful blows, Jann Lee uses his signature punch to shatter the Emerald Guardian all to pieces. Jann Lee then shrugs it all off and heads to the next floor.

The sixteenth floor: the Steel Guardian
The Steel Guardian

The sixteenth floor has what looks like a vat of molten steel, and a nearby block of steel with dead combatants encased on it. A figure suddenly emerges from the molten steel and gradually takes the form of a human. The Steel Guardian (who would be played by Titus O'Neil) then walks up to Jann Lee in Terminator-like fashion, and then utter his only four words before battle: “I will break you.”

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