Geudeu-Geudeu (also known as Deudeu) is one of the traditional sports of martial arts. This sport originated from ACEH, precisely Pidie County. Geudeu-Geudeu is similar to Panthol, which distinguishes the number of participants. When Panthol is a one-on-one fight, Geudeu-Geudeu is a wrestling between 2 teams and three members each. Interestingly, all team members would "fight" simultaneously so that for those who never witnessed it, the Geudeu-Geudeu Arena would look like a place of mass fights. In addition, Geudeu-Geudeu is also much harder than Panthol. Not infrequently, Geudeu-geudeu participants usually will almost certainly suffer injuries to his or her body, either when winning or losing. In fact, in some extreme cases, there could be participants who died. This traditional sport itself is not very popular outside the Pidie area.