Haha, I usually try to keep myself calm, composed and not let emotions get the best of me..But right now I'm just too excited about SCORUM. Or better said, about my zero-knowledge-based expectations from SCORUM. I honestly haven't done almost any research about this platform after @evecab told me about it and went into writing this immediately :)


Well, I'm coming here from Steemit. And on Steemit, sport-related posts don't really get much appreciation. It's mostly about travelling and photography there. I spend way too much time doing all kind of sporty activities and it always gets to me, when I write a post about it and noone gives an F about it....is SCORUM going to change this? I certainly HOPE haha!

So you referred to yourself as 'complete athlete'? Those are some big words young fella...

Haha I know! Well, I feel like I really am a (free-time) complete athlete - I do so much various activities, I basically suck in all of them :D Compared to the 'pros' of course...So what are my activities then?

Brazilian jiu-jitsu

I freaking fell in love with this immediately. The combination of thinking and physicality of BJJ is just unmatched. So many techniques, so many details and so many of movement chains and combinations....I just feel it's a perfect martial art for developing strong body and mind...BUT! Since December 2016 when I started, I have sooo many various injuries I don't really train continuously. Got my 2nd white belt stripe in December 2017 but haven't trained since January 2018 almost at all :/ First got my knee injured during skiing and now I have a bad wart on my feet (from swimmming pool?). But it's getting better and I hope to be back soon!

Soo happy in April 2018, as my knee healed..little did I know wart troubles are coming


Well, after I was forced to stop with BJJ for a while, I looked for some alternative which I can do with shoes on. Box it is :) I'm really fresh in this discipline, just several weeks in...but I really enjoy it!


Hah, I really can't spend a day without inverting myself just couple of times...it's just too much fun :) Have been handstanding for couple of years now..

Mandatory handstand on the beach in Muscat, Oman

Calisthenics & weight training

This was my sports renaissance like 7 years ago. After stopping playing basketball at 13 years old, I haven't done any other sports till late 18. Then I've seen those street workout videos on Youtube and it got me hooked. I quickly gained 10kg and went from suuuperskinny drug-addict looking guy to still skinny but athletic looking guy :D


I don't really enjoy it :D But I do it regularly as it helps with boxing or bjj. I mostly do sprints as it really helps with explosiveness and boosts testosterone levels. But when it comes to enjoying it - I kinda hate sprints :D They suck haha...much more likable are constant pace jogs with nice calm music :)

Just bought myself new running shoes this weekend :)


I currently live in Innsbruck...and there are mountains everywhere. And everyone is also mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing etc etc...All the good stuff. I really enjoy mountain biking in the summer. Also, I love my fixie for daily commuting between University, home and work :)

That was about me and my sport activities. Now, I'm off to google more about this platform haha. Hope to interact with many of you here, especially in the jiu-jitsu, MMA or boxing areas as those are the news I follow mostly :))

Till next time!