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I was born in a ghetto village of Shenzhen where my parents have spent virtually all their life. We grow up as family within the neighbourhood as families see each other as one. There was basically no form of modern education it we all were trained in the Buddha temple as potential monks. Every day of our life were dedicated to the practice of Kung Fu.

We had the head of the monk dynasty who was an uncle to me and we were so bonded together that a day passes by without us seeing each other. He lost his family to disease outbreak that ravaged the village some twenty years ago and decided to dedicate his whole time serving in the temple as he had told me in one of our conversation that he doesn’t want to marry so that he could get united to his wife in the life hereafter.

In one of those days when government came to the village to pick some students to go form modern education, my uncle had drafted me to be part of that first set to go and learn many things about science. I was very happy as he gave me books about some scientific discoveries over the decades that he will want me to disprove with regards to the Buddha belief system. So, I had up my mind to get to the root of science to get some facts that I will use to nail some of such theories against my belief and such was my driving force. My father was very reluctant to let me go as he had wanted me to rise up the monk ranks and become one of the most noble men the village. A decision my mum had told was born out of my dad failure to his specialization in the martial art. So, five of us were selected and we left for the city of Shangai to school in one of the science college there.

One afternoon we were very hungry and decided to go to one of the local restaurants to have our launch. We normally go in our groups and do things in one accord. When we entered the restaurant, we went a book a table of 4. Li was very jovial of us all and will always take up the responsibility to do things that involve interacting with people. So, he made for the attendant and ordered for bowls of hot indomie for four of us. As the attendant was doing that, there came a group of arrogant boys who has been disturbing the school for some time now. We do hear about how they go about molesting and intimidating fellow students priding in the kung Fu skills.

One of them; Kun went straight to the waiter and demanded that they be served immediately if they want pace to reign in their restaurant. Immediately the waiter went to the cook to request that these arrogant boys be attended to. As she was about doing that without having finished putting our indomie, Li asked her to do the right thing by attending to the first people that came first before them. In the processes of Li telling the cook to do the right thing, Kun was overhead by him.

‘’What did I just hear you say? Do you have respect from where you are coming from’’ Kun queried Li

‘’Do you really understand respect’’ Li replied.

‘’You don’t have the gods to say shit here, we own this place’’ Kun said.

‘’And so what? Li

‘’Please guys you people should not fight here. I will attend to all of you guys’’. I overheard the cook telling the two guys who was about confronting each other. Kun had already moved to the counter and kicked the two bowl of Indomie on the table with his Kung fu skill at Li who dodge it and prepared for a fight. Before I could blink by eyes, Kun attacked Li, Li didn’t fight him back but was busy defending all the kicks and moves of Kun.

When the boys saw that Kun skill was no match to Li’s despite not attacking, they trooped out to fight him. Immediately, we stood from where we were seated and lined up behind Li.

‘’I see you guys are trying to be stubborn here’’ their leader said.

‘’No, we aren’t but demand the right thing be done’’ I stepped out

By now some few students in the restaurant had began to leave not to be caught up in a fierce fight. The cook waiting already pleading with us not to start because she knew the whole place would be messed up.

‘’I’m not here to trade words with you boy’’ the leader angrily said.

He displayed his shaolin kung fu shill to intimidate but like we were taught at the temple ‘’read the strength and weakness in the skill display. So, I discovered he was very skilled, had speed and flexibility. On the other hand I take solace in the power, balance and endurance in my ability.

His gang so much believed in him that they had gotten their bowl of indomie on their table and started acting like spectator while cheering every move he made. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted was the second rules. I kept my mind focus in my inner energy while paying little attention to all the charismatic display. When he discovered I was perturbed by all that he became much angry and irritated by behaviour thereby breaking the third rule ‘’kung fu is not for revenge but cleansing of the soul’’

He jumped at me throwing the first, second and third paunches as well as kicks and surprisingly, I never moved an inch from the spot I was with my two hands behind my back. What shock him was the fact that i wasn’t defending but was just dodging his paunches and kick. All through this time I was just smiling because that what Kung fu is about. The more I dodged them the angrier becomes. He was about letting his ago down in front of his guys. By now, the gang members became dumb founded and forgot that they had some bowls of indomie in front of them.

When l became tired of making jest of him, with the power in my leg, I gave him a karate kick on his right legs which I have studies to be his strongest and strength. I heard him moan in pain and immediately began to tremble. He couldn’t stand with that leg and started limping. His gang members rushed him and aided him to move away from me as he kept steering at me in disbelieve: eyes were pumping out of his head.

Without saying a word, I bowed to greet him in Buddha. When they left, the cook came to thank and offered to give us food free for not doing the right thing but had given excuses that these guys would cause trouble had she declined their demand. We went back to our table and took our launch. We left the restaurant promising the cook to call on us whenever those guys come making trouble again. This was the narrative we had come to make that the kung fu can be used to achieve relative peace and self security to the china citizen against the modern policing of the government, an idea that will not favour our culture.

Later that evening, we wrote to the Buddha temple, telling them how we are using our cultural heritage to change the view of modern science and they were very happy with our achievements.


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