When you talk about self defense in a street fight, possibilities are endless. You do not know what kind of situation you are going to face. Anything could happen. When you practice martial arts with your partner, he/she acts and moves in a certain way.

In a street fight, you can see different moves. There are rules in a fight if you participate in a fighting match or competition. In a street fight, there are no rules.

Most people who attack you might not have any train, that's an advantage for you. At the same time, you should be aware of the fact that their moves are not the same as you usually see where you practice martial arts. Their footstep, body movement, way of attack are different.

There are some misconceptions about self defense. When a normal person attacks you, you might think that it is not going to hurt you because he/she is not trained. Wrong. If that person attacks you with power, it could make damage. You can take it, attackers are not able to knock you down, but it could make some damage.

So what are the most common attacks?

In this video, you will see five most comment attacks and how you can defend yourself against these attacks. It seems easy and simple watching this, but you have to practice a lot before you are going to execute in real life.

Self Defense

Since most people are not trained, don't think your attacker is not trained. He could have some background, have some sort of training. Never underestimate your opponent. If you do, you have to pay for it. That's the mindset when it comes to self defense in a street fight.

When I say anything could happen. I mean it. Maybe a group of people comes forward to attack you. How would you confirm that they are the only people who are going to attack you? There might be other attackers out there. And they are just watching. They can come and attack you as well. So try to understand the situation where you are. That will help you a lot to make your move.

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