How you feel in a particular moment, that influences your action. When you train with your partner, you know that he or she is not going to hurt you.

At the same time, if you are not careful during sparring, you might get hit. Still, the intention of practicing with your training partner, aka, sparring is to learn how to fight and test your skills. He or she does not intend to hurt you.

Are you a student?

Yes, you are or you were.

So how do you feel before the exam? Do you remember how focused you were before the exam?

You had to study, otherwise, you could not do well in the exam. After the exam, you feel relaxed and happy.

Likewise, when you do sparring and when you fight for self defense, two situations are different. If you are angry, it seems that you have some energy and you can hit someone hard. It feels like it does not matter who is in front of you. When you are angry, you can go ahead and hit the attacker.

So is it helpful to get angry for self defense?

When you get angry, you are not in control. You are desperate to make your move and you might do something that you should not do. That can be a vulnerability that puts you in a bad position. You cannot consider different things in the state of anger. It might do more harm than good.

Fear is an emotion. You might get shocked and freeze for the time being. When you get back, you actually see what's going on. The attacker can attack you suddenly and you might see something that is unexpected. If you are very afraid of something or someone, it might prevent you from making your move.

At the same time, fear can make you more careful. Anger and fear both are mental states. In a fight for self defense, you have to be careful and have confidence. Never underestimate your opponent and you can deal with the situation effectively.

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Stay safe. Always be happy!