Before starting a fight, you see conversation and argument between the people. Most of the time, you see an argument. Disagreeing with others, imposing something, forcing someone to do something, then it gets more intense. Suddenly they start fighting.

A fight can happen anywhere even on the playground. Let's watch this video.

In this video, you see two people are arguing with each other. They keep doing it and shouting. They get close to each other. Suddenly you see a guy throws a punch. The other guy moves away and grabs him, gets into the ground fight. Finally, they disengage.

There are some key points I would like to mention here. It is okay to disagree with someone. You can talk to him, but shouting and getting into a fight is not a good idea. You have control of this. When you see the person does not understand, it is pointless to keep arguing.

You can stop there. Then it will not get into a fight like this. Now somehow it's just happening. If a guy throws a punch like that, you can move away from the punching range as a defense. It happens in the playground. How about if it is on the street?

Do you want to get to the ground fight on the street?

If you get into the ground on the street, you can easily get hurt and injured. It is not a playground or practice ground. One of the most vulnerable situations that you can see in this video is when one guy is trying to stand up and the other guy holding him tight. The first guy can hit head to the ground. If you apply force to hit and it's on the street, this is bad news. The moment that guy's head hit to the ground, the situation will be changed.

In a street fight, you cannot do a lot of things. Something looks good on the mat does not mean it will be effective on the street when you fight for self defense. And avoid a situation like this is the best thing you can do.

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Source: Video and Video Credit: Fight SCIENCE