There are different parry and blocks in martial art in order to defend the strike. If you enroll in a martial art course or go to the martial art institutions, you will learn how to do each parry and block. In the beginning, you will learn some basic parry and blocks. Later, you will learn more.

Parry and blocks

You can do outside parry and palm slap parry. This is very useful to defend the attack. Keep your hands up. To do outside parry, your hand moves from the center of your body to the outside. In the thumbnail of the video, you see the outside parry. You can see people calling this in a different name. That does not matter.

When you do outside parry, make sure you move your hand from the chest to the outside. You do not need to move your hands more than your body because you only need to cover your body. Make your movement right. You do not have to do it fast. Do it slowly first. When you get the movement right, you can do it fast.

You can practice this on your own. Later, you can practice outside parry with your training partner. It is important to practice with your training partner. You can ask him or her to punch and you do outside parry to defend that. Now you know how it feels to defend a punch. You can use outside parry to defend punch, kick and many different strikes.

To do palm slap parry, again your palm moves from the center of your body to the outside. You defend the strike with your palm. You can use palm slap parry to defend against punches, kick, palm strike and many different strikes. Practice slowly first and later make it fast when you get the movement right.

Sparring with your partner is so important that you cannot skip that. Now ask your partner to attack, and you try to defend that with palm slap parry. Let's spend some time to practice. You will get better.

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Source: Video and Video Credit: Nick Drossos