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I have made a post before about how to defend against multiple punches. Today I am going to talk about the basic self defense against punches. If you are a beginner, you have to learn the basic first.

Defend against punches [Image source]

Before starting your martial arts training, do the warm-up. Then move on to practice parry and block against punches. You do not need any partner at this point. You can practice on your own. Your instructor can help you to get the movement right.

So how can you correct your parry and block on your own?

You can use the mirror to observe your movement and correct yourself.

Mirror [Image source]

Okay, the mirror is here. It is not for taking pictures or doing makeup. It is for practicing parry and block so that no one can decorate your face with punches. lol...

Stand in front of the mirror and practice the basic block and parry. You can see your hands movement. If it is not in the right position, you can see that, and keep it in the right position. The mirror is very useful to see your own movement.

Spend some time to practice the basic parry and block. When you are good at doing block and parry, ask your partner to practice with you. Your partner can punch and you do the block to defend. Now you can feel what it likes to defending punches.

If you are new and never practice like this before, it will hurt a little while you are defending. It is because your hands are not conditioned to block like this. It is good to practice for a while. Later, it will not hurt anymore. It would be a piece of cake. And your opponent will get hurt when you block his/her punch.

Basic block

In order to defend against punches, your fighting stance and body movement are very important. Your block might not be as effective as it is supposed to be only because of your fighting stance and movement.

You have to learn how to move and keep the distance. If you are too close, you are not in punching range anymore. Your opponent can do elbow strike or knee charge. So beware of that. On the other hand, if your opponent punches you and you move away from punching range, you do not have to defend that punch because that punch cannot reach you.

Your mindset is very important at the time of practicing with your partner. Your partner is your friend or someone who helps you to learn, not to hurt you. But when you are in a fight for real, your attacker tries to hurt you. So when you practice, do parry and block properly and do it as you mean it.

Keep patience. Nothing is going to happen overnight. It takes time. Keep practicing. Thank you so much for your support and kind words of encouragement. I really appreciate you.

Disclaimer: This post is only for educational/entertainment purpose. We will not be responsible for your action. Seek professional help to learn more.