Life is beautiful. Whatever we do, we all want to live a happy life. We have to go through different phases of life. There are ups and downs. When you have a hard time and things are not going well, you can learn from that, and it can be your strength.

Before going to the main point, I would like to share something that broke my heart. Yesterday one of our neighbors passed away. I talked to her a couple of hours ago before she left this world. I have never thought she would leave all of us like this suddenly. I was shocked.

Imagine if someone whom you love most dies, how would you feel? Your loved ones are alive. So what do you need to be happy? There is always hope as long as you can breathe.

When we learn martial arts, it is not to hurt innocent people. It is only for self defense. You fight not because you hate others and you want to hurt them, it is because you love people and you do not want them to get hurt by attackers.

I have made a post recently. It is about How To Use An Umbrella For Self Defense. When you fight for self defense, and your life is in danger, you can use anything as a weapon if you know how to use that to protect yourself. Let me share with you @stanleyasokingz's feedback.

I've watched so many Jet Li movies where he uses an umbrella to defeat warriors. I do think it's just a Norma fiction stuff till I saw this. Well, no knowledge is a waste.

What we see in movies, many things are not effective for self defense. And at the same time, there are some moves that can be very effective. If you read the post, you know you can counter-attack with an umbrella. The way you use hands to parry or block punches and kicks, you can use an umbrella as well.

Sometimes you can use something that is not going to hurt the attacker. So if that is not going to hurt the attacker, why should you use that?

The thing is, you can make some moves to distract the attacker like throwing cards to the attacker's face. Then you can make your next move and penetrate his defense. So you cannot say if something does not hurt the attacker instantly, that is useless. The most important thing is how you make it work for you for self defense.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Stay safe. Always be happy!