You like martial arts or maybe watch some martial arts movies and you are interested to learn martial arts. Now the first question that can come to your mind is,

Can you learn martial art at home by yourself?

To learn anything, it is you who have to learn it. The most important thing is, how you can learn properly. You can read a book about martial arts. You will get to know different things. It will increase your knowledge. Like you can read about push up. You know how to do it, if you never do it, it is as if you do not know the push up.

Watching videos and reading about martial arts can increase your theoretical knowledge. But you cannot make any move for self defense if you do not practice. Watching videos, you can practice martial arts. But the fact is, you will never know for sure whether you make it right.

Practicing in front of the mirror, you can see yourself and correct the moves, but the thing is, you do not have the foundation since they never learn martial arts. You can read my posts or watch videos, you can learn better if you have the basic foundation of martial arts.

People often ask how they can learn martial arts at home all by themselves. If I say, you can buy something videos or online course, you can buy some equipment like a punching bag, kick bag, and start practicing, it feels better. You can practice in front of the mirror. All these things can help you learn better, that cannot replace learning martial arts from martial art experts.

Saying something nice without expressing the fact can make you feel better now, but later, you realize what it takes to learn martial arts. When you do not know what to know, you cannot move forward.

I highly recommend learning martial arts from martial art experts. When you practice on your own, no one is there to tell you what you are not doing right. Your teacher can see and tell you exactly what you are not doing right and how to make it right. And this is very important.

Here I'm sharing my opinions. You can have a different opinion. Please feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post.

I often say, if you like martial arts and want to learn more about self defense, you can check out some of my recent posts. It can help you to expand your knowledge, but however, it is not the replacement of learning martial arts from martial art experts as a beginner.

Take care. Always be happy!