If you see any fighting match, you see fighters usually keep their hands up. It helps to defend and protect the head against strikes. At the same, they are ready to strike. I think you will not find a wall in the fighting competition. Today we are going to talk about how you can protect your head from getting hit on the wall.

If someone grabs your throat, you can control on your movement. He can easily hit you against the wall. To defend yourself in this situation, you can use your hands. Let's watch this video. This is not my video and all video credit goes to Krav Maga Academy.

When the attacker throws you against the wall, you can use your both hands. Place your hands on the wall and that prevents you from getting your head hit on the wall. As soon as you defend yourself against this, do not just stay there doing nothing, otherwise, the attacker will throw you against the wall again.

You can turn and attack the attacker instantly. Do not give him another chance to do this again. Is there any other way you can defend yourself against getting your head hit on the wall?

If someone pushes you against the wall and somehow you cannot use your hands, you can move your head back. Then your head will not get hit on the wall.

In order to protect yourself, you can also turn your body to the side. You can also use your legs to prevent the attacker from hitting you on the wall. There are different ways you can defend yourself in this situation. It is recommended using your hands and move your head back to protect yourself.

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