What you usually do, that is your natural reaction to a particular situation. When something is about to fall on your eyes, you close your eyes quickly to protect yourself. When someone is going to hit on your face, your hands will go up naturally.

So how can you defend yourself using your natural movement?

What you see in this above picture, girls usually do that. You can just put your hands on your hair. Do you see the way elbow is moving forward?

You can use that move to attack and defend against straight punches. When someone punches you, move your hands up and showing one hand elbow like that. You can hit the attacker's hand with your elbow. It might break his hands. It is a simple and effective move for defending against punches.

To use this move, you have to practice. When you practice martial arts, you know how to do the footwork. Your footwork is very important. You need to close the gap moving forward and sometimes you have to step back. You need to step to the side - left and right.

When you use your elbow like this, you have to use your whole body. There is a correlation in every move. To understand that and make it work for you, you have to spend time in training. Otherwise, you can put it into action.

I can end this post right there. It would be easy to understand if you watch a video about it. That's why most of the time I share a relevant video in the post. All video credit goes to the particular YouTube channel. Let's watch this video.

There is another important thing you should remember, that is, timing. When the attacker punches you, you have to raise your hand at the time. If you are slow, the attacker will hit you. So when you make this move to defend yourself against punches, pay attention to the timing.

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Stay safe. Always be happy!