Suddenly someone throws a powerful punch to hit you and you do not expect that happen. If you get hit by a sucker punch, it can make some serious damage. The attacker attacks you suddenly. And you do not see that coming.

Even if you see the punch coming, before doing anything to defend yourself, you have already got hit. So how can you defend yourself against a sucker punch?

You can defend yourself effectively against a sucker punch if you are able to detect the sucker punch earlier. When we have an argument, we usually focus on what other people are saying. That is good. To solve any problem, you need to listen to and understand what other people are saying. But in order to defend yourself against a sucker punch, you need to see the body language of the attacker.

Although the attacker will make his move suddenly, his body language shows you what he is about to do. When someone is shouting, pay attention to what his body language is saying. If you see the guy making a distance or coming close to you or taking his position, you can expect a sucker punch.

As soon as you see the attacker's slight move, you can get ready to defend and strike. When the attacker punches, you can see his shoulder moves. You can keep your hands up, then it would be easier for you to defend a sucker punch. You can make the distance or position yourself in a way that makes it difficult to attack you.

When you have training and experience, you can detect and defend a sucker punch effectively. What do you think about detecting and defending a sucker punch? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Stay safe. Always be happy!