When you fight or make any move for self defense, you have to do that based on the situation. Is that a serious situation? Is your life in danger? Is there any way you can avoid the situation?

There are some questions you have in your mind. And your moves should be different based on those factors. So do you really need to attack the eyes?

We all know that eyes are very sensitive. If something hits on the eyes, you cannot see and suddenly you might lose your balance. If you hit the attacker's eyes, it can make some serious damage.

You can strike other parts of the body. Maybe you have to fight to get out of the situation, but you do not want to make some serious damage, so you will not strike to the eyes?

If you want to do eye jab and you use two fingers to strike, that might miss the target. Instead, you can use all fingers when you strike. There is a high chance to hit the eyes. There are some other things you have to keep in mind when you strike to the eye. To do eye jab, you need to be in a punching range.

Most people move away reflexively if they see something is going to hit on the eyes. If the attacker moves his head, you cannot hit the target. Or, if he lowers his head, your finger will hit on his head. You will get hurt since your fingers hit against the head.

So you have to be careful to strike to the attacker's eyes. If it is a grappling or choking situation, you can easily reach the attacker's eyes and put pressure. In this situation, it can be very effective for self defense.

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Stay safe. Always be happy!