Do you think that learning self defense is so complicated?

Different people say different things about self defense, and you get confused. So what should you do and how can you move forward?

No matter how complicated it seems, if you learn the basics first, it gets easier to understand. When you decide to learn self defense, who is teaching self defense, that's important.

If your instructor has been studying martial arts for a long time and has real life experience, that's better. When an instructor has some real life experience, he understands better what works and what not.

If you want to learn martial arts for self defense, it is recommended to choose those martial arts that teach you how to defend yourself in real life situations. Every martial art has something unique and it focuses on some specific things.

You can learn how to use Nunchaku, but people are going to attack you with Nunchaku these days. You can learn how to defend against stick attack, knife, gun and other weapons.

So can you beat a bigger and stronger guy and win the fight?

When you learn martial arts for self defense, your mindset is different. And your instructor will not teach you how to be a champion in a fighting competition. When you deal with a big guy and your life is in danger, you will not think like you will keep fighting until you become the winner.

You will attack the attacker and find a way to move from there. You do not like to stay there and keep fighting until everything is settled. No rules in a fight in real life. While you are fighting and defending yourself, the attacker's friends might come and join. Then it would be a more difficult situation.

When you understand the basics and apply that based on the situation, you will find a way to defend yourself. Thank you so much for reading this. Please feel free to leave your comment below.

Stay safe. Always be happy!