If you see a snake biting something, it moves fast. A snake moves so fast that you cannot even see clearly how far it goes to bite.

Speed matters when you strike. If the snake is slow, it will not be able to hit the target. Most probably, the target will move away.

Let's watch the following video where a snake's bite speed is compared to a martial artist's striking speed. This is not my video and video credit goes to the specific channel.

We all want to protect themselves when there is any danger. In this video, you see the snake bites the balloon very fast. You can hardly see it. It was captured in the video and when we see it in slow motion, we see how the snake moves, opens its mouth and bites.

So can a martial artist hit the target faster than the snake?

In this experiment, yes, she is faster. When you practice martial arts, you need to learn the moves properly first, then put your speed and power. When you strike with speed and power, it can make some serious damage.

Will you strike the attacker's eyes to defend yourself?

If your life is in danger, you have to consider different things before making any move. First of all, if you hit the attacker's eyes, you can make serious damage and the attacker cannot do much for the time being. You can use the time to run.

Eyes are very sensitive. Well, you do not want to make some serious damage like this, if you have other ways to get out of there and protect yourself.

Even if you decide to hit the attacker's eyes, you cannot do that directly, the attacker will move away, or there is a high chance you miss the target and end up breaking your fingers.

Instead, you can just touch the attacker's face with your hands as if you are striking, strike other parts of the body. When you get any change, get out of out there as soon as you can. You do not want to stay there and keep fighting, right?

Thank you so much for reading this. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Stay safe. Always be happy!