Do you like to watch martial arts action movies?

Do you love to watch comedy movies?

If you watch Jackie Chan movies, you will have that both. Every person is unique. After Bruce Lee passed away, every producer was looking for someone like Bruce Lee.

In an interview, Jackie Chen said, he cannot be Bruce Lee, he has to be himself. What kind of comedy action you see on Jackie Chan movies, you usually do not see that in other movies.

Once Jackie Chan said something that's interesting - if there is one man, I will fight, if two men come, I will fight, if there are more men coming, I will run. Well, I am not quoting exactly. He said something like that.

So what should you do when you fight?

If you fight for your country or something like that, you have to follow the instructions. And you have to fight according to that.

If you fight for self defense, you are in control. It is up to you what to do and how you make your move to defend yourself. If you get out of the situation without a fight, that's great.

If there is no way except fighting, you have no options, I guess. If you get an opportunity to run, just run. The thing is, when you fight for self defense, all you focus on is how to protect yourself and get back home safe.

Fight is not like a straight line. You have to understand the situation, if you are able to intercept the attacker's intention, you will be safe. So what would you do in a fight for self defense?

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Stay safe. Always be happy!