We always try to avoid a fight. If there is no option, you have to make your move for self defense. In case there are multiple attackers, it becomes difficult to deal with that situation.

When it comes to fighting multiple attackers, you can miss something if you are not aware of the situation. You see that there are two or three guys who are arguing and shouting at you.

At some point, you feel that they can attack you at any time. You think that you have to defend yourself against any attack from those three attackers. The whole thing can be a trap. They can be members of a gang.

There are other attackers who are watching everything. Since you do not see them, you only focus on these three guys. That is one thing you can miss when you fight multiple attackers.

If you are in a situation where you can see only one guy who is very aggressive and talking to you. Your full attention is on him. At that moment you usually do not see what's going on around you. Most of the time, there is another attacker who gets close to you and suddenly attacks you.

You are not prepared to face that and this is something you did not expect. This is not a fight with one attacker, it is fighting multiple attackers. You are shocked and if you stand there doing nothing, it will get worse.

There is a mental shift in this situation. You have to get to the defensive mode and act fast to protect yourself. While fighting multiple attackers, being in the middle of the attackers is the worst position. You have to move and fight, try not to end up in the central position.

So what do you think about fighting multiple attackers? Please feel free to share your experience and thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this.

Stay safe. Always be happy!