When you are in a fight, your opponent throws a single punch, you can easily defend that or that's not a big deal. But when your opponent keeps punching, that becomes a little difficult to defend. The moment you defend one punch, you see another punch is coming and it continues.

Defense against multiple punches [Source]

So how can you defend yourself against multiple punches?

When we talk about defending against multiple punches, don't think of only defending punches. Thank of counter-attack. Attacking is the best defense.

If your opponent throws straight punches, you can defend that from outside of the arms. You can shift your body, then it would be difficult for your opponent to throw the next punch. And you can attack. In case it is not a straight punch, that is, punch comes in a circle, you can defend from inside the arms.

You can watch this video to get a clear idea.

If you just defend multiple punches, your opponent keeps throwing punches. So, after defending punches, attack right away. When your opponent sees that you are not just defending, you counter-attack, your opponent will think twice to make his/her next move.

There is something you have to understand. Someone can punch you if you are in a punching range. It is about distance. You can move out from punching range as a defense. If your opponent comes forward to punch, as soon as you move out from punching range, attack right away.

Legs are the longest weapon. So why not use your longest weapon? You can defend punches, move and kick. That will stop your opponent to get in the punching range.

You have to observe your opponent. If he/she is good at punching, you can stay in kicking range as a defense and use your legs more. The most important thing is that beware of the situation you are in and you will know what to do.

Disclaimer: This post is only for educational/entertainment purpose. Seek professional help to learn more. Video credit goes to Fight SCIENCE.

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