Way of intercepting an attack! This is an advanced concept in martial arts. You are in a fight and there is no way out except facing it. You have to know how to intercept your opponent.

When your attacker attacks you, you defend that and then you counter attack. This is the first thing. Let's think a little advanced. How about attacking your attackers and defending the attack at the same time. Here defense and counter are simultaneous.

When you are defending and attacking at the same time, you have to be pretty fast. Now think in the next step. When an attacker attacks you, there is little movement of his body, and you can detect what he is going to do. You can make your move, attack right away before the attacker can attack and hit your body.

What I am saying, it is a little difficult to make someone understand without showing that. And it is more difficult to apply this in a fight. That's why, you have to practice, practice and practice. You can click the link below to watch a video where Dan Lok.

Bruce Lee explained it in Jeet Kune Do. So you can punch your opponent before his punch reaches you. There is intercept of punch, interception of kick, and interception of the intention. The leg is your longest weapon. You can kick to the attacker's leg and stop him from moving forward. If he cannot get close to you, he cannot attack you.

When an attacker attacks you, you can intercept his intention. Maybe he wants to hurt you and steal your money. The way you look and move, that can give your attacker a signal whether it would be easy for him to do that or not. Attackers usually attack someone they find it easy. When they realize that it would be difficult for them, they might change their intention.

There are principles. You can use your techniques based on these principles. When you are in a street fight, it is totally different things compared to fighting in a ring or match. If you right in a match, there are rules. In a street fight, there are no rules. So, attackers can make any moves, that is unexpected. So never underestimate your opponent. Safety for yourself always comes first when it comes to self defense. It is not being a hero, it is about defending yourself and getting out of the situation.

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