Hey guys! How are you doing?

Hope you are doing well. I'm going to share something quickly.

Bruce Lee (Image source)

When we talk about doing properly, this is not the only way of doing it. For example, when we talk about the quality of a post, we usually think of the length of the post. Let's talk about how to punch properly.

We punch with our hands, we see hands move while punching. If you observe carefully, it's not the hands. The whole body works together. If you just punch, it will not be so powerful unless you use your body.

Your body movement, step, and focus, everything works together to generate power and make a punch harder. You might have heard of Bruce Lee's one inch punch.

Here you see the hand is extended. So how is so much power generated? The whole body coordinates and works together. See the move of his leg and body movement when delivering the explosive punch.

Master Wong made this video and explained how you can punch hard and correctly. Hope you like these videos. Thank you very much for reading this post and watching the video. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.